First time cloning - do they have a chance?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Facemeltr, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    This was my first attempt at cloning and everything was looking great until a couple days ago-

    Clones were taken about 1.5 weeks ago, dipped in clone-x, in soil in solo cups, under humidity dome, misting multiple times a day.

    At the one week point, I said to myself “boy
    These look great!” Even thinking I was seeing some slow new growth.

    Fast forward a couple of days- due to a work emergency, I missed misting them for about 24 hours and came home to something similar to there

    They don’t look good.

    I tried picking back up on the misting, letting up on the humidity dome (some algae forming on perlite) and generally trying to baby them. It does not appear to doing any help.

    What do you guys think? Toss em? Any chance to bring em back to life?


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    They can still come back. Mist them up try n raise humidity a bit put a lil water in the soil to keep it moist.. if you notice when ppl use those lil blocks, they swueeze and them s#¥ts be soaked basically.. not saying soak it but put a lil water in the soil or spray atleast 15-15 water bottle squirts straight in to the soil..

    I had the same issue, i forgot once and nutured them & they came back to life.. foilaging vigarous now..

    Everyones enviorment is different but my clones rooted in 5 -7 days

  3. I’ve cloned every way possible. The best way is a diy bubble cloner.

    Fill with room temp water, ph’d to 5.5 with light bloom nutes (I use my pk boost, flower Fuel)

    Cut your clones. I like big clones with at least 3-4 nodes.

    Cut of Lower leaves and cut remaining leaves in half to stop transpiration.

    Cut stem at 45 and split in center.

    Dip in fresh aloe goop (yes the stuff from inside the plant)

    Into the clone collars and leave them for a week or so

    Make sure you have a good air stone with two ports and a good pump with two outlets.

    After a week, you may find roots, after two weeks they will all be ready to plant, if not earlier.



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  4. This is definitely a way better more trust worthy way of doing it..

    I didnt know about this way when i tried cloning..

    I think ive seen you build it in a thread & thats what im going to follow when i build mynes.

    Plus i like how it looks too.. lol
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  5. Oops. I meant to tag OP.

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  6. I built a couple now, and I think using a bucket with a new lid is very inexpensive way to build a good system. I'll take a pic a lil later.
    I like the bucket as it only needs 2 gallon of solution and it doesn't leak. The ones I built using tuperware (or at least that strong box yellow/black model) leaks, bad. I even purchased special tape and it leaked. Bucket, no leak...
  7. The little one I use for personal clones is a screw bucket and I have three of these flat totes for the spring run for outdoor guys. Neither of them leak.


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  8. The cuts are showing symptoms of root rot, I suspect the soil is a little too wet. Soil really isn't great for cloning, it can work but you have to get the moisture level spot on. Have a look here Rooting Clones The Easy Way it's a tutorial of a small bucket cloner which only costs about a tenner to make and you simply fill it with water, put your cuts in, switch it on and forget it. You don't need to cover them and you can have roots in less than a week
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  9. yea, I meant these boxes though
    they have those holes in the cover and when I tape near them didn't matter. I just threw out the comment to be advised to get something that won't leak.
    I also have a 600GPH pump in there lol.
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  10. How are they looking.. they should be up by now
  11. 600 GPW? Damn!!

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  12. Some strains are easy to clone some require you to have everything spot on for 10 days or more, IMO your soil is to wet, the most fool proof way I have used is using root riot or similare plugs, a good rooting hormone, heating pad, covered tray and one CFL bulb for light positioned 2-3ft above you want your clones to grow roots and not have your leafs trying to produce chlorophyll, keep bulb on 24-7, soak your plugs in bottled water until saturated, shake off extra water off then poke your own holes in your root riots if your stems do not fit tightly, load your tray with clones, place on heating pad, you want your plugs warmer then outside air, mist down your lid, close it up then leave your tray alone don't move it or lift you plugs to "see if there's roots yet" for at least a week, resist the lid as necessary, works best in a small tent or box excluding all other light.
  13. Thanks for the advice! I’m going to give this a shot after having aborted the previous set of clones. I agree, the soil was too wet.

    Following your steps above, you don’t advice misting the cuttings periodically?

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    Facemelter: I do not mist the clone leaves beyond the first couple days, to many soak their leaves which opens you up to mildew etc, a very light fine mist will do, leaves stoma cannot pass large water droplets anyway, I know this goes against how a lot of others do it but give it a try you'll like the results, as long as you keep misting the inside of your dome and tray they will not wilt and you'll have plump roots in no time... I have only tried a bubble cloner once so I cannot speak about them, from what I've read they sound great, just not my cup a tea for the few clones I need,,
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