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First time chef looking for advice

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Jewbear54, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. I've been doing research trying to determine the best method for my first batch of edibles and I have a few concerns...

    1. How important is decarboxolayting if I'm planning to bake them into brownies?

    2. Why do some people say decarb in a covered pan while others do it straight off the sheet with no cover?

    3. I'm worried because its my first time I might ruin the cannabis when I'm attempting to decarb are there any specific measures I can do to avoid said catastrophe?

    4. I plan on using either a Half-O or an O for the first batch how much butter and how many edibles should this optimally result in?

    5. Ultimately I'll be using a crockpot to simmer the cannabis for 6 hours, I've read some people just put butter in and others put water and butter... whats the ideal method?
  2. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Decarbing is probably the most important part of making cannabis infused food.
    2. I think folks think that decarbing covered may help keep some of the flavors of the weed.
    3. I recommend you have a second oven thermometer to make sure your temps are where you want them and have the over well preheated before you put in the pan of broken up bud.
    4. Depends on how strong you want them. I made shortbread cookies with 1 oz bud : 1 lb of butter. Half a cookie got me super blazed.
    5. I've only done this by simmering in straight butter. You'd be successful either way but I've read that using water can extract unpleasant flavors from the bud.
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  3. A guy has it right. PsychedelicSam has done testing on decarb times and temps and his recommendation is 240F for 40 minutes. I find it easier now to make BHO or tincture, then do a solvent transfer to coconut oil which I then cook with. When I do this I decarb the cannabis first, either blast or make tincture. If I make bho I dissolve it in some Everclear then cook off the alcohol from the oil. It's an extra step, but much easier than cooking cannabis in butter and then straining all that cannabis out. Good luck, mate. Let us know what you do and how it turns out.

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