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  1. So after years of dreaming and creeping these forums Ive finally been in a position to make my first attempt at a grow.

    So it started with a garage cabinet from the depot
    then some inspiration from the local dispensary.
    then some ice cream cones from wallyworld
    (6x26 watt daylight and 4x42 watt soft white CFLS)
    and the standard 6 dollar fan that just begs to get hooked on to the box

    hooked a lock on the side for MAXIMUM SECURITY ( not really the back wall is made of cardboard but thats gunna help me mount an exhaust fan and intake holes since i wont have to get wood cut.)

    a few pots, trays, power strips hooks all that other stuff along the way.

    expensive trip to the hydro shop for some fox farm ocean forest soil and nutes and a pH tester so I know when shits gettin crazy.

    another trip to another hydro store for a 20 dollar roll of mylar ( think I only used half maybe lesss)

    and not pictured I ripped that shitty electrical tape light seal down and put up some legit weatherproofing foam from the depot. seal is about 99 percent light proof now, will this be an issue? if I push on the door more it seals so I may just get another clasp and lock to hold it.

    Now with all that firepower in there it gets really freakin hot when the door is shut. like I cant even hold the pots they get real soft and its just unacceptable.

    so I ordered this fan

    a hole will be cut out of the cardboard with a razor around the center at top near lights, which will be met with a black light proofed elbow pipe to a straight section of pipe, then fan. then a little more pipe?

    maybe some smaller intake holes at the bottom. Hopefully this will drastically reduce the heat build up
    Max Speed RPM\t3100 RPM (at 12V)
    Noise Level\t7 dBA (at 4.5V) ~ 44.5 dB(A) (at 12V)
    Max Air Flow\t90 CFM (at 12V)

    then my second issue is space or height. is this box just too small for flowering?
    Could I expect some good results with LST or SCROGGING?
    Would autoflowers be ideal for this setup?
    I have some aurora indoor seeds on the way from nirvana hopefully...

    I may buy a clone this week just to get the ball rolling and see how things go. doesnt get extremely hot unless most of the lights are on. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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  2. hey there RSx! your gro wbox looks nice. I do think your box may be a tad small for flowering. If you could possibly use this box for clones/ seedlings id think it would be nice set up. i mean you wont get that much bud from a grow like moto is the Bigger the Better!
  3. Has, u got the EXACT box as me! And il let u know a few things about it, first thing is u def need venting for that thing, I have the same bulbs and when my fans are off it gets hot. One thing u may want to consider is a fan controller( only if ur worried u gunna get screed caus of fan noise) it's 30 bux on amazon and let's u control how much power gets to the fan(s) so when u ain't thr u can hav it set to low so no one hears ur shit, u can hook up like upto 5 fans one the one I got( 35 $ and it's touch screen) so that takes care of part of venting. The other is hanging ur pc case fans.... That card board is thick and may work for a while but u really need or shud reinforce it. I used simple things frm my house like styrofoam, I used a 1" piece that covered the whole back and secured it to the cabinet with that aluminum foil lookn tape and actually covered the whole back in it so it almost has a thin metal back. Thn jst cut holes in that and the foam will secure it so no screws needed.
    I hope this helps ya caus I had to search forever till I found that fan controller, and I cudnt start my grow till the noise level came way down. Oh and the box is plenty big for a large personal harvest, I actually hav 2 boxes now(same one 2x) and use it for a constant stream of buds. Veg/ clone in in one and flower constantly in the other. It works gr8
    So let me know if u have any Q's caus I got experience wit this box now.
  4. Hey I didnt c ghat ur goin dirt, u may wanna consider a dwc system. U can fit more and I personally think it's the smartst way. It only gunna run u like anothr 50$ for everything even a ph meter. Really check it out ur gunna b way happier
  5. Wow. thanks for the feedback, I suppose that clears the matter up quite well, depot box FTW:hello: haha. yea heat is definantly an issue, thanks for the foam advice that may be the exact use for the mountain of styrofoam I have in the room just opposite of the cab, seriously...

    the fan I ordered does have voltage control so I'll see how that works and progress as needed from there. noise isnt nearly as much of an issue as keeping the temps down is. I kinda wanted this to be stealth but if i'm gunna get better buds in the end hearing fans then let it be haha.

    Its very reassuring to hear that it works great for you, and I have considered the possibility of using this one as a veg room and then another bigger tent as a flower, but I never thought I could use 2 of these to do both.I prolly got a million questions now haha.:smoke:

    do you have any photos of your stystem in action? Id love to see how they compare haha. also id love any more information on the dwc system you mentioned dont know much about it but if u think it will do the job then its worth consideration

    Do you do any training? Scrog?

    Anyways, any more information you could share would be great thanks for your help!!:wave:

    heres putting the mylar on, a weird angle, a mountain of foam, and the current box.

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  6. Ok, so the fan came in, and the tedious task of connecting it with no light leaks however at this point it is glued, duct taped and propped up along with an elbow tube painted flat black.

    After one completed fail, (fan and elbows just fell off) decided to give up for the night. The problem is mounting it to the cardboard if any one has any other solid ideas on how to do this please let me know

    I took another stab at it today and with a good tape job some glue and a prop to hold most the weight, the exhaust tube is functional. I cannot say the same about the little intake elbow but the hole is there ant it functions, just not light proof.

    So as for the temperatures... Wow. Even with all 10 lights on I've noticed a significant drop in temps. the fan has 5 voltage settings on the adapter, at full 12 its a bit loud but does move a lot of air. This is where it is set. With out a thermometer its hard to say but to the touch it just feels like some weed do fine. Seems like theirs nice suction at the intake and a fan blows air up at the lights then it heads out the exhaust tube. No more death hole of nearly melting plastic. Sweet.

    Tomorrow I think ill pick up a clone and do a trial run on this thing to see how things go. I gotta put somethin in there Hahaha.

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  7. Our cab's are very similar. I can dig it.
  8. Haha me again, it seems we are the same person lol. As with our boxes being the same so to are the plants were growing. I got auroa feminised from nirvana. Basically I just wanna lend a helpn hand since we have identical grows. Since were so similar I'm just gunna viva ya my email so if u have any more problems/concerns u can just contact me directly, which should save some time on gettn answers. So feel free to email ANY TIME @

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