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First time cannabutter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Duha, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. My dad is running out of his Oxycontins, and is over a week before he can get more, and he wants to try THC to help him curb his withdraw, cause he has been taking them for over 10 years(he had really bad cancer and has nerve damage in his neck) I seen him withdraw once, and he was so lethargic that he didn't even know who or where he was. Anyways he can't really smoke cause it hurts his lungs to much and throat because of his tracheotomy so we were going to make cannabutter for him. I obtained a quarter ounce of very nice high quality buds, and was wondering if a quarter is enough bud for two sticks of butter. We don't want it to knock him out and be the strongest thing out there and a lot of the recipes i read for cannabutter seem to try and make the strongest thing out there.

    Any help would be much appreciated cause we wanted to start as soon as we can on making the butter.
  2. also if it makes a difference my dad is very small 110 pounds 5 feet tall
  3. He needs CBD not THC.
  4. yea go for it if it doesnt work its not a total loss cuz u still have some cannabutter for yourself haha but yea id definetly try it,it beats taking pills
  5. So when u make cannabutter you don't get CBD?
  6. Yeah thats definitely enough, but if the herb your using is high quality, you should be careful on how much he takes if he's not familiar with it ya know?

    And you get the CBD and the THC in the butter, But if he's in pain and what not, you should get a strain with a higher content of CBD, that would help:)

    Enjoy makin butter.:smoke: do you know how you're doing it yet?
  7. I would recommend making cannabis coconut oil instead of the butter. You can then put that oil into capsules and get twice as many doses or more. I also take narcotics and have for over 2 years, morphine and oxycodone for severe spinal injuries. Once I started taking those capsules I was able to cut way back on the pain meds and still have relief from the pain. Add some lecithin to the oil to make it absorb better and you've got a good substitute, maybe better. BlackKittySmiles has a recipe in her thread for concentrated medical grade oil. The recipe makes a really strong dose, cancer and chronic insomnia kind of stuff, made with a tolerance in mind. Just dilute the amount of oil to a level suitable for your dad.

    I would recommend an Indica strain because it's better at relieving pain. If you want more cannabinoids, the BKS tutorial also tells you how to increase those levels, at the expense of thc, during the decarb process. Whatever you decide to make, be sure to decarb your weed first.

  8. wow thanks this is exactly the info I needed. I been reading and reading, and it is so hard to find a doseage for the ediblies, I read somewhere with 1/4 u can get 144 doses and somewhere else that is like 20 doses. Putting stuff into a capsule would make things so much easier. I use to smoke, and I know how much I needed but with edibles it is confusing cause it takes time to kick in.
  9. Awe I just realized that would require hash, I will keep this in mind, but we only have a quarter of buds.
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    Its fine, you can just cook the herb in the oil how you would with butter, same kinda concept just hash is stronger, and its actually IN the oil insted of jsut the THC and stuff being EXTRACTED from the herb..and i think it has a spicyish taste... idk i dig it.

    But you can just grind your herb and put it in a crock pot on low for a while with your oil [coconut oil is FANtastic..and healthy;)]and lecithen powder,then do the same thing once the oil is strained and at room temperature, you just need to find the capsules and the little plastic squirty filling pipe things:)

    I've also heard of using food grade glycerin...

    If you can somehow make some hash or get a cgood amount of it, then you should definitely do the hash oil, but if not just do the extracting method..

    If i were you, I would grind the herb up and cook it in the crock pot with about 2 cups of oil, maybe even 3 for weaker oil, for like 5-8 hours. Until your oil is SUPER dark..

    And i personally would just grind it up pretty small, and just casually strain it through a wire collander, no cheese cloth or anything, just to get all the bigger pieces out, and just fill the caps with the little bit of kief and stuff still in there.. idk thats just me.

  11. BadKat uses hash for all her recipes and it must be nice to have access to that, but for many of the rest of us, pot has to do the job. Be sure to decarb your weed first in a 220 F oven for 30 minutes. If you don't want it to smell a little, then put foil over it. This activates the thc for ingesting purposes. I would recommend about 5-6 oz of coconut oil to your quarter of bud. After you heat on low in the crockpot for at least 2 hours or as many as 18, depending on the recipe, and then strain, you'll have about a half cup of cannabis oil which will make about 40 "00" caps, I think, for each fl. oz. You can find the caps in health food stores or online and just use a dropper like I do. It's a little more work but it gives me something to do. During this first batch you'll be able to judge the potency you'll need with future batches. Start him off on 1 and if that doesn't work, keep increasing it. I find it hard to believe more than 3 would be needed but if so, it's still a good deal. Once you find his dosage, he'll start feeling a lot better. :) Leave some out of the caps and use a dropper full in his coffee or tea to recharge.
  12. Thanks so much guys we ended up making butter for now, but he really wants to go get a license which for him would be no issue, so he will experiment with the capsules and other edibles. we live in Colorado, so he can either grow or go to disperses for very very cheap. But either way you guys helped a ton thank you so much I knew GC was the pace to ask.
  13. Cbd is the body high. Thc is the head high. The kind of bud u wanna get would be 99.9 indica. That would work the best for him

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