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First time Canna Cooker

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Josh_aa371, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Alright, so I'm making pot brownies with my friend in a couple days and want to make sure I have everything verified, and what better place then grass city? So we are making the brownies with canna oil and I want to know how much weed for the amount of oil the brownie mix calls for. The mix calls for 2/3 cup of oil and serves 20. So
    1. How much weed should I use? I don't wanna over dose it and have my friends or me have a paranoid high or even puke but we do want to get super blasted. 2. Should I make the canna oil by using a whole cup just to be safe or is the input the same as the output when you make canna oil? Your help is much needed!
  2. I just recently perfected my brownie recipe! I'd use between an eighth and a quarter, closer to a quarter. The more different kinds of pot you use will make them more killer too, I use the bottoms of g's I bought just to try stuff plus an eighth of some hybrid. If you use more than a quarter it may not go well. You pour your 2/3rd of a cup of oil in your pot, drop in your chopped herb and cook it low for at least 30 minutes, then let it rest another 10 or so. You can then either filter the herb out or just dump the whole thing in the brownies, I like the whole shebang. Be very careful when you're cooking your oil, do NOT try to get it to boil or simmer like my dumb ass did, I thought you had to cook it hotter to get it to work right, nope. If your shit is smoking it's cooking too hot. Just leave it on low and stir it every once in a while. And use a wooden spoon, I melted my plastic one the first time I tried to cook with weed. You'll want to wait a while to eat second doses, as a matter of fact you shouldn't even need a second brownie if you put enough herb in there. It's a whole new kind of high, awesome, and lasts a lot longer. Ask more questions if you have them, and leave the windows open while cooking :)
  3. I have tried many many ways of making canna oil and you NEED to decarb your flower or your gona waste it. I have found that in the stickies at the top of this forum there is psams awesome tinctures thread which you can transfer to coconut oil or just use badkats hash caps method but w flower. Hers weee tested on a hightimes project(very interesting to check out) I use both those methods daily/weekly and everyone who tests mine are always happy.
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  4. You figure a gram of cannabis = 1000 mg. If you use an eighth you'll have 3500 mg of cannabis to your recipe. If you divide that by 20 you get 175 mg of cannabis per 1/20. I'd start with 1/2 brownie. Do be sure to decarb. The latest recommendation, verified by PSam and testing, is 240F for 40 minutes. Please let us know the results. Good luck, have fun.
  5. I'll just cut and paste the best of my oil making..
    I had decarbed enough hash to get started so I weighed out the 5 grams per dish
    1 table spoon AKA 3 teaspoons of coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon of soy lecithin
    5 grams hash
    My oil is all blended and I have more hash i'll cover and start to decarb as well..
    A junked toaster oven on sawhorses outside keeps the wife happy as it can have a slight smell when heating and we sure don't want to have her oven smell like hash oil.. LMAO
    20 min at 220 degrees for the oil.. Twice that for the decarbing hash in the large dish so it'll stay a while longer
    The oil will get a freeze cycle after the heat with blending as often as I can.. 2 or 3 more heat and freezes will intensify the effects as well as smoothing the oil and changing the taste and texture.. Gets a smooth nutty flavor the more times it's heated and froze as well as getting more sledgehammer.. I do 3 or 4 depending on how much time I can devote to it.. Some like an overnight freeze but the tiny stainless dishes freeze hard in just a few minutes so I just do a 20 minute freeze the same as the heat cycle.. Keeps it simple for my stoner brain..
    Each dish creates about 30 size 0 caps.. Stir constantly to keep all the sludge and oil evenly distributed in the caps.. I work fast as it gets thicker as it cools and getting the last few caps filled is fun.. Might need to look for a coffee cup warmer at the dollar store
    Beware licking the spoon or the dishes.. Even now knowing it's going to have me gripping the chair and holding on I'll be so stoned I still do it.. Ohh I'll wipe as much as I can down and cap it now so I do try and not ingest 2 caps worth I still have to lick that last bit on my finger tip and what just won't come off the bowls.. Still amounts to a cap and leaves me gasping 45 minutes later when added to my usual days round of caps and droppers.. Stuff is wicked powerful and not to be taken lightly..
    To much of this good thing can be unpleasant so find your happy zone in small steps.. Smoking when highly dosed on oil or tincture can send you flying hard so do take care.. Stuff does have a learning curve to it..
    The same basic recipe will work for decarbed bud powder it well in a grinder if you don't have hash or kief.. Use just enough oil to make a medium sludge out of it for now while you get your initial processing done..
    Once your canna oil is finished you have the choice of capping it or mixing it with the cup or so of oil the brownie mix calls for.. Then follow normal cooking directions on the package.. just mesure short the oil your finished canna oil takes up.. If you needed to make a 1/4 cup of canna oil then you need 3/4 cup of non canna oil for your baked goods.. ..
    Now this 8x8 tray of brownies has 30 very potent doses if made with hash like mine and just a 1x1 inch square will send you flying.. 2 or god forbid 3 at once will have you seeing god and puking for hours
    Decarb = 40 to 60 minutes at 220-240 degrees F covered dish. foil pouch or oven cooking bag
    Oil processing = 20 min at 220 degrees covered dish then freeze.. multiple heat and freezes will change the stone to a bigger hammer..
    My standard ratio is
    5 grams of hash
    1 table spoon coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon soy lecithin
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  6. Thanks guys helped a ton

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