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first time buying

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Falzor, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. hell, first time doing this shit on my own.

    normally i hang out with some friends, take what i can, but got sick of feeling like a mooch and not being able to enjoy time alone so im going to drop $20 for a gram (may or may not be expensive. fuck if i know)

    one or two hits puts me in a pretty happy place. and since i dont want to invest in gear, im just going to jerryrig a gravity bong (water bottle, cup of water and soem tin foil in the cap.

    so how long should it last me? what can i do to make it hit harder, etc.

    mainly just going to use this to enjoy time on my own etc. school has calmed down for a bit, so might as well.

    basically, tips and pointers? 2 hits is enough for me. how can i make it last if i generally keep to myself?
  2. Well you should invest in gear like a grinder and cheap spoon. Smoking out of tinfoil and plastic is not good for you. If 2 hits really gets you going then it should last you a while, especially out of small grav bong bowl packs. $20 for good weed is a normal price also. Observe it beforehand and look and see if it is crystally.
  3. how much should i put in the cap when i light it. never really observed.

    might try knife hits to get as much as i can from a little

    and crystals? do tell me more

  4. Trichomes.


    See the crystals?
  5. you need to go browse these forums bro
  6. ^ listen to both of them. Only pack a small amount for your first gbong bowl and see where it gets ya. If you had a grinder of some sort your weed would last longer.
    When buying it if your weed does not have any sort or crystally trichomes like in the picture above (probably will not be that pronounced) then don't pay $20.
  7. I actually bought for the first time today as well, since I feel that weed actually is helping my life and depression right now. I bought a gram of Super Silver Haze for $20 bucks from my buddy at college. He is a good guy and I trust him and I know he didn't rip me off because I know weed.

    Mainly when you buy weed, you should bring a scale if you're buying off a shady dealer or someone you don't know. I'm not saying bring a huge hi-tech scale, but a pocket scale is nice and efficient.

    Next, look at the weed before you give the guy money. Smell it, weed has a very strong unique smell, and it just kinda a trait you get after smoking it awhile. If it smells earthy and strong, then most likely it is good. Another way of telling if you're buying weed, and good weed for that matter is bring the weed close to you're eye, you should be able to see trichomes or very small hairs on it.

    As for how long it should last you, depends on how much you're planning on smoking daily. Going back to that gram of Super Silver Haze I bought, I figured I ought to get 5 medium sized bowls out of it and maybe 2 risen bowls. For me, this will last me around a week and a half, because I usually just smoke one bowl a day unless i'm partying and with this weed I bought, trust me, one bowl is all you need.

    It all comes down too what kind of strand you have, how much you bought, and how much you plan on smoking daily. I'm sure by time you're done smoking what you bought and buy more, you will feel way more experanced and comferable when buying some pot.

    Cheers, friend. :smoke:

  8. I don't mean to disrespect but you said it was your first time buying weed and it was from a friend. i wouldnt go around tell these first timers to bring a pocket scale to meet a sketchy dealer. up here in boston you'll get your money, scale, and weed stolen for that shit. you gotta buy small from the dealer first, then weigh that. if its legit and you trust them go bigger.

  9. This ^. I wouldn't weigh it out if it was from a friend - that would just show you didn't trust them. Buy a small bag, if it looks short weigh it out so you won't lose much money.
  10. Put enough weed into the grav bowl for two hits. Anymore would be a waste, seeing as you only want two hits.
  11. Scale.
    Water Chamber Smoking Apparatus.

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