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FIRST TIME buying weed...? How to tell if its fake??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xskyler lee, May 10, 2011.

  1. I've smoked plenty of times, but my friend ALWAYS bought it.
    This time, I'm buying it from another friend. Stupid us gave him the $20 first. we gave it to him on thursday, he said he'll DEFINITELY get it to us tomorrow. Only reason I trust him is cuz he knows I could probably beat him up if he fucked around xD

    BUT JUST IN CASE. If he tries to sell me fake shit, how will I know? I know the smell and stuff. But what's fake weed look like? Can it look realistic? I know you can sell the legal shit and that looks hella real, but i doubt he'd be smart enough to do that XD
    If he pulls some oregano bullshit imma be so pissed >_>
  2. Given what you said, I doubt you'll be ripped off. But if it smells like it, looks like it, feels like it, it probably IS IT.
  3. Smell it then maybe google a couple pics then ask him what kind it is if he says like the bumble bee lol then punch him nd say give me my money back nigguh this isnt real weed!
  4. if youve smoke it before you know what to look for... just make sure its nugs not a bag of shake, thats the only way i could see you getting something fake (oregano, etc)

    p.s. boxxy is mine.
  5. You should know the answer to your own question then. Also, scribble a mustache on your pic.
  6. Oregano is definitely not weed you can tell the difference FOR SURE. Same with the "legal shit" what kind of bud do you usually get? Fluffy dank or clumpy mids/swag?

    Compare what he brings you to what you have smoked in the past. Have you ever seen a 20 sack before it you started smoking it? again compare the amount to that. You should really get a scale they're cheap ( $10 bucks ) and youll never get ripped again. Also NEVER let them leave with your $

    I hope it turns out good man let us know.

  7. My MAIN problem is he's gonna be giving it to me at school (not really any other options). So I can't fuckin inspect it. Maybe I'll just take it and later go to the bathroom or some shit and look at it there xD and if its fake I'll find him after school ;)
    And yes, I'm 18, I'm a senior. (Someone was gonna ask. I know it XD)
  8. Basically this. If it looks like bud, smells like bud, it's a safe bet.

  9. I've ONLY had OG kush, and something like.....idk but the word ice is in it xD
  10. #10 Ayron, May 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2011
    the first rule of buying drugs is never give someone money unless they have the stuff. this is the easiest way to get ripped off. Also if you plan on buying weed i would invest $20 into a scale so you can tell if your being ripped off. Weed has a smell/taste thats kinda hard to fake so if you've smoked a few times im sure you can tell if its fake. also i can almost guarantee you that your friend took some of the weed before he gave it to you. Dont be afraid of buying bud, dealers are people too. I used to be afraid of buying but unless your dealer sells otherthings than weed i wouldn't be afraid of him/her.

    Also having drugs on school grounds is a felony last time i checked. This deal of yours is full of fail and i would never do it like this again dude, your just asking to be ripped off/expelled

  11. inspect it in the stall and make him wait. :devious: like joe pesci or something

  12. i smell BS...

  13. also the majority of strain names are made up by the dealer to help sell shit. i hate to be such a downer in your thread but i'm just trying to help give advice from someone whos been buying for awhile
  14. Being ripped off doesn't happen that often bub.
    But uh, if it isn't in the bud form, like its "pre-grinded" as some dealers would try to pull it off as, then it might. But even then it could just be shake... lol
  15. Make sure it's in nug form and not already shredded or rolled into joints.

    Yeah, what iSPARK said, he beat me to it hahaha
  16. If it's in nuggs then it should be fine, if it looks like someone whent ahead and grinded it up for you, don't buy. That's what I go by and it's worked for me.
  17. A good business man will let you sample the product.
  18. make sure you don't get shorted. I bet you have a better chance of getting less than what you paid for, than getting fake weed.
  19. Follow the nose!!! It always knows!!!

    no seriously, weed has a very unique smell. The smell will tell you if it's real or not.
  20. Don't get it if it's "Afghan Kush" Around here thats oregano and cinnamon. We uhh, give it, to freshman.

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