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First Time Buying From a Dispensary

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by kyle0671, May 18, 2012.

  1. Tell me about your first time buying weed or anything from a dispensary; what did you buy? How much did you buy? Was the weed better than what you got beforehand?
  2. First dispensary I went to after I got my card was in downtown, picked up some Skywalker OG and Fire OG, 6g 8th for new patients. I took 2 hits of a joint and I knew I was never going back to shitty weed.
  3. Seriously bro, just go in there, tell them what you want in your weed, and they will hook you up. That's all you need to know. :p

    Marijuana you get from dispensaries is the weed of the gods. You won't be disappointed with any strain you get.
  4. Oh yeah... We used to get weed from "this guy". Omg never again... I went in to the despensery for the first time and got an 1/8 of og kush. Holy shit... Good times. Med weed, is soooooo much better than street weed (for the most part)
  5. I've never been disappointed with anything from a dispensary. I bought an 1/8th of super lemon haze my first time I think:) I never want to go back to crappy unpredictable weed haha
  6. First time I went to a dispensary, I asked "Which one's the best for insomnia?" The nice girl pointed out some Bubba Kush. But, the strain "Blue Widow" caught my eye, so I bought an eighth of that instead. I smoked some before bedtime and stayed up all night with a wicked buzz. I should've listened! Luckily they let me trade it back the next day for some heavy indica buds, which worked much better for insomnia. It's nice to have a dispensary with knowledgable persons working there.
  7. The first time I went to this little hippie place and when you walked in the smell just hit you in the face. It was wonderful. I got an ounce of blueberry kush. It as fucking great. The place shut down a few months later though. :(
  8. the day i got my recommendation with a friend we went around town collecting free first time patient baggies. i think we ended up with half an O by the end of the day. :laughing:

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