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First time buying... check it out for me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Qful, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. So I bought a $50 sack for some friends and me, it's my first time buying weed, I forgot to ask what it's called, it's just what the guy I bought from said we should buy. He said it was really good. I took four pics, the two best ones were barely over 2MB so I couldn't upload them. But I got one half-decent macro. The other one is for size reference.


    Tell me what you think? I'm pretty new to weed in general, don't know how to judge weed very well by its appearance...

    Also, one of my friends will be smoking for the first time, should I let him smoke this or get him something cheaper, since the guy said this stuff was good?

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
  2. looks like good stuff to me how much came in the sack? just that nug?
  3. Yeah, just the big one and the little piece that's hella stem that I left in the baggy. Just what's in the picture. I don't think he'd rip me off because even if I don't know eactly how much a $50 should be, my friends do.

    BTW it's greener in person, I'm using artificial lighting and my camera doesn't like it.
  4. ^this

    looks like u got shorted, unless thats just how it is in ur area
  5. looks good man...more than i have (which is jack shit)
  6. #6 TheHighLife, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009
    looks like two grams more or less and you paid fifty dollars that means you paid around 25 a gram, doesnt looks like 25 a gram worthy, but still looks pretty good, nice and fluffy nug. but hey if it gets you high :). I personally wouldn't pay so much for a no name weed.
  7. Hm. Thanks. I'll see how it is this weekend!
  8. honestly... looks like some good bud but u got ripped off. seeing as that bud looks very fluffy, id guess its around 1.6-1.8 grams. for 50$ you should have got at least 3 grams... seeing as 3.5 grams really shouldnt be any higher then $60 anywhere around the world.
  9. Yeah, there's no chance that nug weighs 3.5 grams, which is an 1/8th, which is about what you should get for 50$

    Actually even 50$ for an 1/8th is kinda high, i usually pay about 40 for an eighth of pretty good stuff.

    Don't feel bad, i got ripped off the first time i bought too. Live and learn. You'll figure out what an eighth looks like soon. Or ideally they should weigh it out in front of you.
  10. It looks like good bud, you'll be the final judge of that.

    That's fine for your friend to smoke, just make sure he waits a couple minutes between each hit.

    I think you were shorted too, and you aren't being a dick if you ask them to toss it on a scale. They're a dick if they think that's too much of a hassle. We could be wrong, appearances can be deceiving and it could be denser then it looks. Try another pic with it ground up. If you don't have a grinder swing by a gas station, it's worth picking one up.
  11. ok in that second pic in the backround is that what u smoke out of? is that plastic wrapped around the bowl? cause thats a big no no i found that out the hard way ok my friend found out the hard way it worked for awhile than we smoked alot and the bag melted in his hit so he inhaled plastic and he couldnt stop throwing up
  12. I don't know, that bud looks pretty sick. Look at the perfect trim job.... It looks as if it could have been cured perfectly as well. and the only way you really know if you got ripped is if you have a scale. i suggest getting that and a sharpstone/space case grinder if you and your friends get into the smoking culture. Kief is awesome
  13. nug looks pretty nice. And depending on the weight you probably got a alright deal. But def upgrade your smoking device and you will notice a big diffrence.
  14. If you paid $50 and that's all the weed you got, regardless of how good it is, you got ripped off.
  15. looks like you got shorted big time. Maybe 2 grams at best. For 50 bucks I would have gotten 14 grams.
  16. NICE buy for first time man....
    paintballers represent haha
  17. Haha, thanks. You should see the bowl, it's an ASA, and the downstem is is an airline.

    The bowl is anodized aluminum with a galvanized steel screen, is that fine? The only plastic I'm worried about is the inside of the airline. It's wrapped in braided steel, but the actual airline (downstem) is some sort of plastic. I think polyurethane. So it doesn't make contact with the burning bud, but it definitely comes in contact with hot smoke. I've used it before, it was awesome, my more experienced friends said so too. I'll make a thread on it later, I think it's pretty cool.

  18. nice what other paintball parts do you use?
  19. You paid 50$ for that? Man, you got jacked the fuck up.
  20. looks skimped, but the bud is pretty good. nice for ur first pick up

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