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First time buying and smoking im scared

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheWeedIsTheTruth, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Okay so first ill start of with is i'm still in highschool girl and ive never done anything like this ever.

    So ive wanted to try weedd for a long time but never had a chance, so I asked this girl in my gym who is kind of my friend if she could get me some. And yesterday she and some guy walked up as I was talking to someone and said "I can get you an 8th for 25 by Thursday(tommarrow)." I said that it sounded good and he said he'd hold it till after school.

    Now ive never bought or smoked before, and im more scared because ill be getting it at school, and he never said where to meet him.

    Advice , tips, and help would be appreciated. <3

    Edit: no I don't have either of there numbers


  2. 25 for 3.5 ain't bad! Getting a good deal, just remember there is no reason to be scared, get relaxed before smoking it many people won't feel stoned first time as they have so much anxiety about trying it, just find a chill spot a decent mate some Cheetos and juice. Enjoy! It's gunna be fun!
  3. Egh sounds a little risky getting it at school. Maybe meet him off school property just to be on the safe side. But $25 for 1/8 is a pretty good deal. Is it mids or dank?
  4. Do you have his number or the girls number? If you do text them and ask where they wanted to meet you. Do you have any friends that smoke? If you do it'd be a good idea to bring them with you so they can tell you if you're getting ripped off. Also I wouldn't do it directly in school if I were you meet up there and then walk somewhere
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    Sounds good to me  :hello:
    If you cant find him after school , just find your sorta friend and ask her . Its okay to buy in school as long as you dont get caught and as long as other students dont  see / find out. (Word travels fast) .
    Have you thought of what method you wana use to smoke ? 
    Rolling a joint might be difficult for the first time .
    If you got a pipe , use that because you wont get mega high , with joints - youll wana keep it hitting it , probably ending up more high than you actually wanted   :laughing:
    Anyway .... The key is to relax  :smoke:
    and make sure you got some music playing , along with some juice / energy drinks or coffee nearby , youll need it   :laughing:
  6. You should try not to buy it on school grounds as said above. If the wrong person notices you're getting weed shit could get serious.
    Try and find the girl during the day maybe on a break or something and get her number, makes it a lot easier for sorting out a spot to meet.
    As for the smoking part, that's been covered.
  7. Weedisthetruth user name if you haven't tried it yet lol.  Welcome!
  8. "I'm scared?" how old are you, 14?
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    Don't buy at at school grounds... Walk across the street or something/away some distance from the school. You got it good as a high school student since you can just get it there and not worry about meeting up at sketchy places... Anyway, after you got the goods, the cheapest way for you to toke is to either buy rolling papers or swisha sweets (cigars that you have to gut to put the weed in) and both of these can be found at any gas station. Rolling is going to take practice... just look up vids on youtube and you can get it down.
  10. Also remember that you might not get high the first time you smoke, so don't keep smoking if you feel like you're not high, save some for the next day. 
  11. I get anxious before a buy every time, and I'm 21.
  12. Don't get it at school that's stupid. Just don't fucking do it lol. Go meet somewhere else just like id never bring weed to my work Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. An 1/8 for 25 is a good deal dude, go for it!
  14. No school purchases. Not a good idea.

    Sent from deeznutz using Grasscity forum app
  15. Ya buying in school or anywhere near a a school is super sketchy nowadays with the security and the cameras they throw everywhere. Just tell them to meet you somewhere local after school. If that's a problem for them then I wouldn't suggest buying from them. Say you do get the weed, idk what you plan on smoking out of unless you find someone with a piece or is old enough to buy you one. But if you're really desperate then just make soemthing quick from household items. Anyway, take it slow and see what happens. Enjoy
  16. That mid girl, its an okay starting point.
    Keep transactions outside.
    How do you plan on using the 3.5 grams to get you high?
    Do you have a piece? Wraps? Papers?
    And goodluck not getting banned.
  17. You can get away with dealing in the bathrooms in school, but I don't suggest it. If you do it has to be small amounts and the smell kept hidden. An eighth isn't necessarily small.
    As a girl you should meet up with that girl in the hallway and talk to her about it. Get the number or w/e. I wouldn't suggest exchanging at school. The only good place to do it is the bathroom and you're a girl. Just meet after school or in the parking lot is a good place.
    Smoking. I'd suggest a gatorade bottle with a socket or a fucking apple with a socket. Apples are the shit.
  18. Yes, make an apple piece.
    You can always eat the outside portion afterwards.
    Let it dry out tho, after carving it.
  19. the effects of cannabis are exaggerated in the media, its less powerful than alcohol, do not worry.
  20. Should get her to do a dab of Rocket Fuel. I wonder that would be like. Probably lights out "omg I'm so fucking high!"

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