First time Buyer, Bubbler or Bong?

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    Basically i want to know what i should get and why you think so.

    A few things that are important to me are portability, durability, and quality of my hits.

    I could also use a little help making sure I'm not getting ripped off when i buy some glass and how to tell a good piece from something crappy.

    Im looking to spend around 50 bucks on a piece if necessary.

  2. well u wont really find anything gud at 50 price range, my BEST advice would be 2 save a lil more money so you can buy a better piece it will be well worth it, one GOOD piece is better than alot of shitty ones...i would go with a bubbler since you're interested in portability and a gud bubbler is the SHIT!!!!
  3. I'm just bummed because i wasted 55 bucks on a non bubbler sherlock from Capitol Hemp in DC, it was really gorgeous but i broke it :<

    I suppose i can use some of my bonus i got to get a better bubbler. What is a good price point for a decent bubbler?

    Can you help me find a good bubbler? What kind of things should i look for. I read that i should go for a double but i'm unsure if there are other criteria i should consider.

    Additionally what sites would you recommend to purchase a sweet bubbler from or should i just go for a local headshop? (I may have to commute to DC to avoid going to shitty gas stations or tobacco shops.)
  4. Thanks a ton for the help but my only complaint is it looks so....sterile. Will this give me a better hit than the more artsy pieces?

    I'm interested in something like this but is it worth it?

  5. I agree witht he previous posts. For that price range, a good bubbler is the wayt o go. Take a trip to your local Head Shop and look around.

    I picked up this Double Bubbler for 60 bucks. Best $60 I have ever spent on a piece.:D

    Honestly, nothing beats comes close in terms of portability, functionality, and bad-ass-ness.

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  6. well there is "artsy" pieces out there that hit better than my post or urs, but i can very CONFIDENTLY tell you that the one i posted looks sterile or the proper term "scientific"(in the glass smoking piece world) will hit miles better than the one you posted...the downstem in sure is a straight glass tube as the one i posted is a shower head and the 2nd chamber is a straight glass tube, go look at the guys vids at the end of his review

  7. for 15 bux more he can have the weedstar which will hit better than that bubbler u posted man, it doesnt have much diffusion where the weedstar does and it has more volume so u can take more smoke and alot more cool since it has more diffusion

  8. For sure, the Weedstar will provide better diffusion, and bigger hits. But I like the feel of a a piece that I know was made by a local guy. It just helps to make the piece feel that much more personal and unique.

    The Weedstar is a great buy, but its also mass produced. Thats the only thing i dislike about the product:p
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    Okay you've convinced me of the weedstar, my only complaint is i dont like the "weed star" on the side. Is that removable?

    Now for some real questions, can you tell me what a percolator and a diffuser is? Stupid questions i'm sure.

    What can i do to find a piece on par with the weedstar's quality of hits but looks like a local piece?
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    same here i really want it but i HATE RED, the label is removable ive heard with solvents, but it has that red dot :-(

    A perculotor is something built into the bong/bubbler etc. that diffuses(breaks down the smoke thru water) and a diffuser does the same but is usually removable for example a down basically the same shit

    i will answer all the questions you want, as if you never asked you would never know the answer and then that action would be classified as stupid
  11. while i always prefer local artist and supporting, its hard to trust your lhs most are very very shady, and will tell u wat you want 2 hear 2 sell u something!!!
  12. What would you call that thing that the guy removes when he takes the hit?

    What sort of solvents would i need to remove it? Goo gone?
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    the part he removes is called: slide,bowl and a few other names depending on location but stick with slide as its the most commonly used with experienced users.

    ive never removed that label but i would say if you soaked it in acetone it would surely remove it completely just make sure after you wash it very well with soap and water and you"ll be fine

    EDIT: after an hours of soaking i would scrub with a tooth brush and let it soak sum more and repeat till it comes off

  14. I hear ya man, but it's different when you meet the artist at glass exibitions. Im goin to one tommorow actually. I'll take some sick pics of the local work!:smoke:

  15. oh most definately man, but from the words of the poster im 100% positive he doesnt know any artist or shows...and i believe he mentioned lhs and most sell shitty china shit
  16. Thank you so much for the information!! you've been a massive help and have prevented me from wasting my money on shit from a gas station.

    I'm a very thorough person when cleaning stuff so using harsh products won't be a problem.

    The only thing i want to know is what other options to do i have for similar price range/quality?
  17. your welcome man, thats what this wonderful herb is all about spreading the love helping you fellow toker!!!
    ive been in ur place and wasted alot of money on shitty stuff so im glad i can help!
    i will also reccomend you use simple green 2 clean ur pieces after smoking u dont need anything harsh or toxic 2 clean em thats the best thing period!!!
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