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first time butter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 4ndy20, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hello all, first time poster, long time browser.
    So i tried to make some cannabutter.... im not sure if it will work or not (cant try cause im at work and was still seperating when i left =( )  this is my recipe.
    1- 2 lbs of leaf and stems
    2- 2 lbs of unsalted butter
    3- Pressure cooker
    this batch was cooked for 45 minutes (i figured the pressure cooker would cook it faster being that it is in a pressure cooker.) i ate a little bit of it and it didnt do anything to me at all =,( sad day.
    ok so i took the butter that that made and i put 3 oz of that butter into the pressure cooker with 3 oz of more trimmings (just leaf no stem this time as im tired of being stabbed by stems lol)
    i cooked it this time for 4 hours stiring every 30 minutes. i would heat it up (im using a gas stove) on the setting 8 on my stove and then when it started to whobble the knob i turned it down to where the flame was barely touching the pot (maybe on 2) 
    the question i have is do you think it is possible that i burnt the butter? =( if so does anyone know how i can go about making butter in a pressure cooker? i was aiming for no smell also....but that failed. within 20 minutes my entire house smelled of fucking brussel sprouts

  2. Oh no! You're supposed to stir them around every 5min, so I've heard. I'm about to make a batch (much smaller than yours, though--14g of stem), and I've been researching methods for a couple hours now. Nobody seems to know much about stem butter! Anyways I finally found this one girl who said she kind of made up her own recipe, and she ended up stirring it every 5min

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  3. Also, I've never heard of anyone cooking it in a pressure cooker xD so that might be what did it. Might've been too strong of heat. The girl said she had it on low heat for the majority of the time

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  4. Did you really try to mix 3 ounces of butter with 3 ounces of trim??

    Did you decarboxylate the cannabis before you added the butter?

    You could always make a tincture with the trim and then make it as strong as you want by reducing the tincture.

    See a thread called Dragon Lite Another tincture thread.

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  5. Why did you invent your own recipe instead of following one of the excellent sticky threads? Tempting as stems in a pressure cooker may be, I think I'll stick to BadKat's method. ;)
  6. Try put the mix into a crockpot on low setting. Set and stir every now and then. Dont let if get over 350 otherwise the goodies will vape out and your stuff will have no potency!

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