First Time Brownies

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by drummerboyjc, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Alright so I thought I'd write about my first experience with brownies and find out everybody's else's stories.
    Alright so to start off I'm a huge smoker; blunts, joints, bongs, bowls, whatever but I had never tried brownies. Not that I've avoided it, just never had the opportunity. So one day my friend calls me up and is like bro we're gonna make brownies come over. So I go over to this girls house and this dude starts making brownies. He makes it with a half o of mids which I thought was a little much but whatever. So we all had about two brownies each and we're just sitting in the living room waiting for it to hit us. It's been about 15-20 minutes and I'm not feeling shit. So these other kids show up and me and my friend go outside with them and hit a bowl of cryp. We come inside and then realize we're hungry as fuck so my friend drives this girls car to mcdonald's with me and the owner of the car. We get our food and come back to the house and start eating it. I realize that as I'm eating the food I'm getting higher and higher. By this time it's about an hour after i ate the brownies and 40 minutes after I smoke. Just then my friend turns to me and goes "it feels like there's weed in the food, I keep getting higher." I agreed with him but couldn't stop eating because i was so hungry. Then we go and sit on the couch and watch tv. I'm getting higher and higher and higher. My legs and arms start feeling really heavy and I'm having a hard time moving them. Then I start freaking out a little because it feels like i'm breathing water and not actually getting any oxygen. At this point I'm the highest I've ever been and believe it or not it was not a good thing. I was way too high and I just kept getting higher. I had to call my dad and tell him while i was out of my mind that I was gonna be like 2 hours late coming home. I was getting higher and higher for 4 hours. Finally when I stopped getting higher and came down a little I had to leave so me and my friend get in our cars and he drives off and I go to start my car and it's dead. I call my friend and he comes back and then I had to spend about a half hour on the phone with my dad trying to not sound high but at the same time being confused out of my mind trying to hook up jumper cables. After about the sixth try we finally got my car started and I cruised home never wanting to do brownies again.
    Sorry about the long story. Now I wanna hear other people's brownie stories.
  2. my first high ever was with brownies, the first half was good then it went down hill and i ended up puking in a white castles bathroom.

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