First time bong buyer?

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  1. Okay, im not new to smoking but i am new to world of buying a bong. I have $65, now i would like too purchase a glass bong. But because i know virtually nothing about bongs, i have no clue what to look for. SOOO what kind of glass bong could i get for 65 if anything? I would like it to be able to have ice in it, i want to be able to taste the weed, have clean smooth hits, and i dont want it too EAT weed lo. So any help would be appreciated!
  2. Save Save Save..100% worth it in the end. Drop 100 or more.
  3. That is your best bet, but if you are set on getting something cheep the best bet is a local shop. There isn't really anything thats good in that range, but you may find something. Also check on grasscity, they have a few tubes in that range.
  4. Yeahhh wating just sucks, lol but hey if it gets me a better piece might as well. Thanks for the help though!
  5. dont waste your money on cheap pieces. save and get something nice, you will thank us later
  6. first off look for something that is glass on glass, you can prolly get a simple strait tube with a glass on glass downstem in your price range, if your going up from there get a a/c to go with it, its worth the extra money because it will keep you bong cleaner! For even more money you could get a bong with a perc, if its less then 18 inches with a perc your also going to want a splashguard to keep bong water out of your mouth. If you want cold hits you can get one with ice notches, smoother hits get a diffused down stem. If you want all of that its going to run you minimum $200, thats what i just payed for my new California Glass piece.

  7. How thick is the glass?
  8. what are you looking to get for $65? there are tons of options out there hoss, you just gotta look. you can get lead blown glass pieces for fairly cheap, and they will do the job. if you want something that will make your buddies jealous a bit (unless there is a true glasshead in your group) get an Ehle.. the quality is great for the price, very respectable first piece, and it'll be something you dont mind showing off or using for that matter..

    EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 100ml - Online Shop solid piece, and its something you can build on, add accessories too.

    let me say one thing though, any straight tube without a perc will hit just about the same. when you can afford to, add a diffuser and an a/c

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