First time bong advice?

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  1. Okay. I was out yesterday and I just simply said "Hmm... You know what is a good idea? I'll buy a bong, so that's what I will do!". I haven't been smoking for long and have heard that it will give you a harder high. Advice please?
  2. I don't like beaker bottom bongs. Its prolly just mental, but I think the smoke tastes (a little bit) more stale on the tongue than the straight up cylindrical bongs.

    DO NOT BUY A HIGH END/Name brand BONG! Unless you're well off and don't care about throwing money away....I say throwing money away cuz you will 100% break your first bong. Its a scientifically proven fact. Bongs break from just being tipped over if they're tall enough...even name brands/thicker glass.

    I guess it does give you a "harder high" in that a few bong rips def get you blitzed. Size also contributes to this. Even small little personal bongs get me higher than a pipe....but my 2 foot double perc pure gets me annihilated to the point where I rarely use it now! lol

    Choose the right size for you. Try to get one that has an ice catcher....thats more standard now a days since all it takes is a few inward ridges into the glass.

    Ive been smoking a long time....and I don't like bongs as much now as I did in my younger days.....likely because bong hits=unproductive days.....and unproductive days as an adult are more frowned upon! lol

    I hate to say it....cuz then you might start second guessing and get some paralysis by analysis....but I love me some bubble action. I love a good, solidly built bubbler. Gives you that "harder" effect without ruining you for the day with couch lock. GL OP.
  3. Definitely don't get an expensive bong. Check your local headshops - you should be able to find a cheap, small glass bong for 30-60 bucks. That'll be fine for your day to day, and if you like it, you can get a bigger one later.

    They do get you "higher" and they are smoother. They also seem to conserve weed better, in that it takes less to get you high. I have an extensive collection of glass pipes, but my girlfriend's bong is what we use more now a days, due to how smooth and efficient it is.
  4. In addition to what everybody else said, you could also just make a homemade bong that will be even cheaper than your cheapest bong. I've been smoking for 2 years and I still use a Gatorade bong just because it's creative. You can actually buy a separate bowl and downstem from your headshop to make it with. And yes, bongs do get you much high than your typical pipe. It just takes a while to learn how to use one.
  5. Or do what I did and just drink a bottle and cut the bottom off

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  6. It's true that bongs give harder high. For me, the bigger the bong is the harder is the high. Also these ones with Ice catchers are very nice, because the smoke gets cold and it's easier to smoke. But I think that for the first time you don't need an expensive bong, just a simple one, or maybe you can get a bubbler.

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