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First time BHO

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrFlops, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Pics will come a little later I just got a few question for now, first, my oil came out dark, like its on a razor blade scraped up and it's a dark brown almost black. Is this ok?

    Another thing I'm kinda worries about is when I tried some before (put a little bit on top of a bowl of weed in my mini bong) I lit it and it looked like it was burning black/giving off black smoke. Is that normal too?

    Answers much appreciated
  2. The dark color and smoke probly jus means theres a good amount of plant matter in youre wax.try using more filters or grinding less next want it to melt quickly and leave minimal to no residue.
  3. What kind of chamber did you use for extraction?
  4. i wouldnt smoke it if it smoked black bro
  5. keen to try make some myself, what filters should i use?
    also, I hear pvc piping isn't good when mixed with butane when extracting? i dont want to pay some bullshit price for a glass tube so im looking for an alternative if you guys have got any

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