First Time Aussie Tent Grow

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  1. Hi guys,
    Finally got myself some kit and have started my first grow. Trying to go into this being positive and hoping that all will work out.
    So, I'm running a 250w MH/HPS in a tent that is 160cm (H) x 90cm (W) x 50cm (D). As shown in the pics its running a batwing reflector at the moment but the temps are just crazy high, runs a bit warm even with the tent open :( Have a cooltube on the way though, hopefully be here before the weekend but the temps aren't going too high, topping out at about 29 degrees, so yeah that needs to get sorted ASAP.
    Running a 250cfm inline fan, not that it can do much with the tent open. I know its not ideal but I'm thinking of running cooltube > duct > fan > filter outside tent, simply because having the filter inside the tent like it is right now is really restrictive on space. I will see how I go, but theres not enough room to hang the filter and not sure how it will effect the heat if its on the ground. Will upgrade the fan to a 440cfm centrifugal fan if the inline doesn't have the grunt to move enough air to keep the temps down though. <_<
    Was given 5 bag seed by a friend a few months ago and have tried to germ two with the papertowel method. One has already germed and sprouted and the other one is still in the papertowel. I'm not certain but I think it will germ in a day or two maybe, its starting to show a white spot like the previous seed so fingers crossed! B)
    Seedlings are just in cheap potting mix from Bunnings and mixed in with some perlite, she (I hope) is doing nicely, has even spread her leaves a bit more than from this morning when I took the photo.
    Also have some organic soil mixed up and has been cycling for about 5 weeks already so will be nice and ready when the plants go into their bigger pots, if the soil goes well will share what I put into it for any other Aussies who are interested, it took a bit of guess work since we don't have a lot of the soils and fert brands that you guys have in the US like FFOF, Espoma, etc.
    Anyway, I know I enjoy reading other peoples grow journals and thought you guys might enjoy reading about my first grow journey. :smoke:


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