First Time Arrested!

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  1. Ok So this all happened to me a couple of days ago:
    So the story begins me and my friend we got a a nice bottle of fruit punch liquor and 3 grams of spice which is pretty much fake weed but it realy F*** you up. Anyway we go home and I roll 4 fat joints then this girl calls my friend inviting us to a pool party btw I really hate this girl, anyways he also dosent want to go and says no so we smoke one joint and drink about one beers worth each of liq. And then this other girl calls me and says do you wanna hang out, and this is the kind of girl that you know is dtf so I was like of course also she lives in the same apartrment complex as my mom which is about a five minute drive from my house. So i decide to bring two joints and my friend wants to bring his bottle of liq and i really dont like when theirs alchole in my car but after a five minute argument he pours it into gatorade bottle and we drive to her house when we arrive I park at the guest parking lot and call her saying where are you? and shes like oh im at a pool party come over and im like wtf u lied we were just going to hang out together and at this point my friends like lets just go back to my house and chill btw the girl with the pool party lives right across the street wher we were located. So i was like you know lets go i didnt drive all this way for nothing (In my mind i was thinking im going to get really get hi with this girl and bang her... ) so next five minutes this girl keeps on calling where are u, wher are you anyways i decide to just walk over their instead of drive because i didnt really no if theirs a parking lot. so the girl that i wanna f lets call her A meets me at the street and then we go to the pool and this is a public pool and we arrive their there was only four other ppl talk about a pool party . So the girl that i hate lets call her M is in the pool and i just sit down and take out a j and everybody looks at me like wtf. keep in mind that im already fd up and actually am a really paranoid person when sober, also all those people dnt smoke and just think me and my friend are some kind of hooligans. So their like go ova their and smk so me and A go to this little corner and sit on a table and right behind me is a big parking lot also my friend comes and brings the liq and A and my friend start drinking i only took a few sips cuz i have to drive back any ways im smoking the j with A shes thinking its real weed i didnt want to explain what it was anyways A and my friend leave to talk to the ppl in the pool and im super hi sitting and trying to smoke a roach. then out of my corner of eye I see two ppl dressed in black looking like mechanics come into the patio i couldnt care less then one of the guys comes 20 feet from me and pools out a gun! screaming get on the fukn floor and im like :smoke: is this some kind of a joke then he repeats it 5 more times and im like :eek: i get on the floor and this guy jumps on my back hitting me with the gun and puts my hands in handcuffs and starts cursing at me like u son of a bitch wher are the fukn drugs im going to fuk u up. im like idk man chill i dont have any then im like oh yeah i have a j in my wallet then he takes me up and walks me out of the pool and in front of sum cops sayn hes taking me two jail then he starts askn me all these questions like are u in a gang? NO. stop lyn i know ure in a gang. No. Have you been arrested before im like No hes like ha i caught u i know uve been arrested before. this whole time im just thinkn this is just like a movie lol then he takes me to his car and im like yo dont take me to jail cuz im and A student, big time athlete and all of this shit which is sorta true at least the athlete part;) then i rember and im like oh this isnt weed its tea! (what a brilliant hi idea just came to me) so i start explaing to him that i was just smoking some tea to impresss some girls and then he takes apart the j and remeber its spice not weed and then he starts to check me up on his computer then asks why i cant speak properlly and i rember oh fuk the liq is still on the table wher he put me in handcuffs and it was unopened!!! i say cuz im really nervous then hes like why are my eyes so red cuz im nervous lol then he starts to believe me calls my mom, she comes talks to the cop lets me go then my friend drives up with this other cop who hes apparantly now friends with:confused: my mom gave me a talk drove me to her place and then we got my car and went home. What happened after that I got so drunk and hi that i passed out :hello:

    Extra details:
    -These cops were undercover doing a random drug looking out thing cuz apparently a lot of ppl get hi their and they were looking at the place before i even came.
    - the girls all bailed and tryd to say they dnt know me and they didnt get in trouble
    - My friend got a way easier cuz the cops that got him were chill
    - The cop that got me was an ex Marine Seargent and even his coworkers fear him
    - Also now i have some kind of record???
    - The Liq is still probably their unless a bum drank it and if he caught me with it i would be in jail and realize that everything i said i made up lol
    - Also they kept on asking my friend if he had any tats like about 8 times they didnt ask me once which is good cuz im coverd up in them under my shirt and some of them arent ones a cop would like to see
    - Im pretty hi :D
  2. wow.. sounds like you got lucky bro
  3. Im like:eek: and he is like:eek: and she is all like:p and my boi is hangin like:cool: n shit.
    You got lucky.

  4. that's how I was reading it the whole time:smoke:
  5. Those girls sound like straight up bitches for saying they don't know you.
  6. haha that was classic.
  7. pics or it didn't happen
  8. Hahahaha thats funny sounds like the highschool days for sure. I hope she really was DTF, get IN that. :hello:
  9. Damn dude, use periods.

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