First Time Acid?

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  1. Ok, so I got a hit of LSD, its a strip of paper. Hell i'm not even sure if the guy just gave me a piece of colored paper saying it was acid. Well anyways, I want to do it this sunday, Im living with my parrents currently, and I have some questions.

    - If I drop it at say midnight, how long will I stay "tripping' (assuming it will kick in at 12:30-1ish)

    - Will it be easy to sleep, at say 6-7?

    - Im not scared thinking im going to be freaking out, but will I be loud?

    - If my pupils grow gigantic will they look normal in the morning.

    - Will it be obvious that im tripping (hangover effects?) in the morning at 12ish?

    - Would I still trip if I took 1/2 a hit or a 1/4 hit, and be less high, or last shorter?

    Thanks in advance, and if you have any other helpfull info please drop some knowledge.

  2. - if u drop at midnight, u could be tripping till 7-9am, it all depends on the strength and the person.

    -you would probably be tripping still or slightly at 6-7

    -you shouldnt be too loud, besides maybe sum uncontrollable laughter.

    - sometimes my pupils get big, other times not so much, after u sleep they should be back to normal

    -no it shouldnt

    - depending on how strong your lsd is, u might not even trip off 1/2 a hit.

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