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  1. so i was asking my friend if he could get shrooms, and also added "or acid," half-jokingly. He responds with, I can't get shrooms, but i actually can get acid. So i tell him to get it for me. It kind of just hit me that i'm getting acid. i've never done it, and i'll be doin it wit my two best friends... also first-time. I've done shrooms a few times... what the hell am i getting myself into? lol. I feel like i'm very strong-minded and should be fine, but i'm just wondering if i made a wise decision/if theres anything i should beware of.

  2. Come on man. You can't decide to randomly take acid for the first time without your research. I'd get into the LSD section now, and start reading.

    How many hits are you going to took/ What is the steet word on those particular hits?

    Please ATLEAST GET ONE SOBER SITTER, to watch over you guys.

    Acid is so fucking random. You never have the save body high, the same mindfuck or visuals twice. It can teach you so much and change your view on the world and life, if you are open minded. If not, it will tear your reality to shit right before your eyes. It's all how you handle that moment. That one single moment can change your life- forever.

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  3. that's the one thing that bugs me out about psychedelics is how random they can be, but my first acid trip with one hit was very mellow and nice
  4. its a good choice, youll love it, i favor it over shrooms, have fun :D
  5. im trippin right now. you want to be more or less on an empty stomach, stay away from alcohol and dairy, and get some vitamin c either in pill form or natural orange juice. once shit starts to pop off take the vitamin c and shit'll get even better

  6. no i know, i've spent so many hours on erowid that i know too much about too many drugs. But if theres one thing i've learned, its that no matter how much information and no matter how many experience reports i read, there is nothing quite like the real deal. I obviously no what acid is, what its dangers are, and all that good stuff. I've done shrooms a bunch and so far, its BY far my favorite drug. Its just that i always thought i would be 100% when i decided to try lsd, until i realized how hard it is to get, and i probably will have to semi-decide on a whim. My friend is coming tuesday, i told him not to tell me whether or not he could get it, so it'll be a surprise. I'm a bit worried, a lot more excited, and extremely anxious. I have a pretty clear mind (except that im starting school), but my overall mood has been excellent lately, i've been learning a lot about myself (through writing, drugs and various other methods of self exploration). I will deffinitely try LSD, at some point in my life... i just never thought about when that point in time would be. I love having my preconceptions ripped away by a drug that shows you the raw realities of earth, life and the universe.
  7. i wouldnt do more than 2 hits for a 1st time...and dont trip alone thats never good

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