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first time acid

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NuclearPENIS, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. I might try acid for the first time tomorrow
    I'm going to my friends trailer so we can chill by the fire and go adventuring in the woods if we want, and we have somewhere that we can go inside and just do what we need to do. After reading this article I'm way more prepared for my trip. The only thing we dont have is someone sober to look after us, but I think we'll be ok. It's my best friend and I and We're good at looking after each other, so it'll be ok.
  2. My friend who is doing it with me is on prescription medication though and I was just wondering if that would affect it. She's on prednisone if that helps?
  3. I find that the less you think about it before hand, the less likely it'll be a bad trip. Don't turn it into a big deal in your head. I've taken it 100's of times. I think the phone is fun :)
  4. lol ive dosed many times and i disagree with a lot here...dont have ur phone on??? r u seriious...what does tht have to o with anything??? its fine to keep ur phone on OP...nothing bad is gonna happen if ur phone is on

    u do not need to drink or eat while tripping...in fact u will have NO desire to eat while dosing..even if u wanna eat u will try to and u will just lose interest and not wanna eat it...u will be fine...but i always want water while trippin...but mostly cuz im always smokin too

    5...its not mushrooms man...its a much calmer trip and u can deal with shit like that...if it was shrooms then i would agree with the whole 10,000 times worse comment but its acid..i mean i did acid 2 days ago and tripped with 9 complete strangers (there were 10 of them and i knew one of them) and i still had a great fuckin trip

    6. u dont need a trip sitter for acid cuz once again its a very calming trip and at any moment of distress all u gotta do is listen to some of ur favorite music

    7. driving on acid is not recommended..but its fun as fuck and not very hard if you know the area (this is assuming u only do one or 2 tabs lol)

    my advice is to bring ur ipod or whatever mp3 player u have cuz ur gonna want to listen to tunes...just dont lose it...just take the drug and dont think about it man...just let it hit you and respond accordingly and have an awesome fuckin time...its not possible to have a bad acid trip unless u take like 10 doses lol..everything will be funny as fuck to you too...dont even think about the possibiltiy of a bad trip...just pretend its not possible cuz if u do that is ur first BIG mistake towards a bad trip (i guess this advice is a lil more for shrooms...but it still helps)
  5. would being on prescription medicine (prednizone) affect her high? would she get sick?
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  7. i seriously doubt it...just dose up...she will be fine
  8. remember its all i your head, the doses will take u places.

    happy trails
  9. that's crazy, and i have yet to try acid. maybe sometime in my future i will try it :D
  10. Sounds like a really good time, sending good vibes your way
  11. hey my word of advice is,

    Dont over do it!!!

    and if your takin tabs like on paper than keep em under your tongue for at least half an hour than eat em. :hello: have a good time
  12. lol this guy had his first trip 3 years ago. someone resurrected this.
  13. In sunny San Diego, I'll be trying acid for the first time tonight with my friend. We'll be at home, listening to music, and going on walks. Should be fun!

    Thanks for the advice!:)
  14. Pandoras box anyone?
  15. Yeah im 18 and i want to try it too...i dont see myself having a bad trip at all because im at a good mind set and shit like that...i hear all these people talkin about bad trips but like what exactly is a bad trip...what do u see monsters or u start feeling scared of the drug. Lol idk
  16. I have done it a handfull of times and only had a bad trip once. Being in the right mind set, having had a good week or couple days before doing it is very helpful. Having stress or being worried about something does not help. lack of preperation and environment for the trip may also cause a bad one . Some bad trips are reflective of unresolved psychological problems triggered by the chemical. Some may feel that they are going insane and will not come back to reality. Or just having a lot of anxiety, that causes someone to get scared. The brain is the most complex organ of the human body, and it has been studied for years, and yet there are still many more things to learn about it. "Mind over Matter" Know your body, know your mind, know your soul! Its a wonderful experience, when done correctly! i feel that when people bad trip they A. had an underlying psychological problem. B. took too much and was not prepared C. was not in the right setting or with right people.
  17. ive done it 3 times and im fine, i suggest 1 tab ( if its a good tab, my 1st time were off hoffman tabs, some crazy shit i was tripping balls for 1 tab) then the 2nd time i suggest 2, i personally did 1, 1, and then 2 i only did 1 the second time cuz i didnt have enough money for two and i didnt know when tabs would be in my town again
  18. BE CAREFUL. you are not getting yourself into some amusement park by taking this.


    im tripping on shrooms now,coming down,just smoked a blunt actually.lifes great.

    but for real I had a crazy trip today unprepared wrong setting and people,however I'm strong minded and took it as obstacles to get around and I shut my eyes and meditated somewhat with the CEV(close eyed visuals)'s

    Do not have to face parents unless they are 100% ok with it.
    That goes for any authority figure.cops,etc.

    have water near by to drink,its always good. you'll talk and laugh a lot.l got bad cotton mouth and got stuck ona walk across town on acid and things went sour.

    music is good if you feel the need,dont feel like you "have" to do anything while tripping.

    Embrace it.

    if you panic lay down and close your eyes and breath and count to ten and just relax.

    realize there's no turning back,make the best of it.

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