First Time Acid Trip

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  1. Hi all!

    This is my first time posting so I apologize if this is the wrong place for this or something.

    Last night my friend (we'll call him Dan) tried acid for the first time and I wanted to share and better understand his trip so that he can plan for equally or more successful ones in the future.

    Him and my other friend (we'll call him Ben) have both been fascinated with psychedelics and have tried on many occasions to buy some and explore. They tried shrooms first but that was completely unsuccessful, he was pretty sure they had been ripped off. Dan called Ben at around 11:00 am and asked Ben to pick him up. Ben said he could only pick him up at 1:30, so a couple hours later, Dan and Ben were driving to their favorite smoke spot to light up like they would on a usual Saturday. After talking and agreeing that today was the day they were finally gonna try acid, the started to contact some of their friends, and one thing led to another and Ben and Dan had each placed 1 tab each on their tongues. Both of them said that it tasted terrible, like how they imagined eyedrops would taste or something. They kept in their mouths and mashed it around for a good 15-20 minutes and then swallowed it (it is now 5:40). They sat in the car and waited and waited and nothing was happening to either of them. At around 6:30 they started driving around (very unsafe, I know) under the pretense that if Ben starting seeing anything he would pull over immediately. They both liked driving around and they excitedly started describing what they were feeling to each other. They agreed with feeling very content and happy but also talked about a different feeling which they were struggling to comprehend and articulate. It was a really really really glorious feeling. Both of their speech sounded absolutely fine, and they went to a Wendy's drive-through and ordered food without causing any suspicion. They still found it really hard to grasp and comprehend the feeling ut they talked about how it was effecting a completely different area of their brains; they were speaking very clearly and sober-person like. At about 7:20, Dan, slightly disappointed with the lack of any visuals what so ever, texted the friend that got them the acid, asking about how memorable of an experience just one tab would give them. The friend informed him that 1 tab wouldn't be too memorable, and that he had 2 more tabs if we wanted them. Ben and Dan agreed to take one more each, met up with the friend and had their second tabs on their tongues at about 8:00. They kept driving around and those feelings were getting slightly stronger. At around 9:00 they decided to pick their sober friend up (we'll call him Joe). Joe, Ben and Dan drove to a park and each took a couple of bong rips and then just chilled there at the park till about 9:30. They then went downtown to pick up another sober friend (we'll call her Zoe). The four of them then went to a different smoke spot to chill for a little while. Zoe and Joe smoked a couple of bowls out of a chillum. At around 10:00 is when things started getting weird. Dan was staring at the windshield of the car, watching water droplets roll down. The drops started moving around and Dan started getting really excited for the visuals. The droplets started pulsating and moving around slowly. Soon enough the droplets seemed to be forming some sort of Arabic-like script. Dan, super excited, asked Ben if he was seeing anything. Ben said no, he was not seeing anything at all. It was around 10:25 when they realized Dan had to be home at 10:30 for some reason. They started driving towards Dan's house and Dan's visuals started getting more intense. He saw Zoe and Joe's face almost "melting" and then looked outside and saw all the snow and landscape melting as well, extremely fast. It looked like it was melting but the it wasn't decreasing in size. Dan went home and lied down for a few minutes, just staring at the ceiling, watching the vents and the fire alarm's shadows move around. The glorious almost self realizing feeling didn't come back to either Dan or Ben for the rest of the trip. The visuals slowly decreased for Dan and he fell asleep around 7 am.

    Has anyone else ever had a similar experience? When people talk about acid they usually only describe the visuals, but my trip just felt like so much more than that for some reason.

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