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First time 250 w halide stealth grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by CreamofMushroom, May 30, 2007.

  1. Strain: SourDiesilxGodBud

    :wave:Hey all

    I've decided to get my grow journal underway. It'll probably be a good way to pass the time. People arn't kidding when they say growing takes patience. I'll try and get some pics posted tomorrow.

    Right now I have 5 seedlings in a 3"x1'6"x5 growdrobe 8 inches under a 250w metal halide. I'm having trouble keeping the humidity over 30-40 and the temps under 85. At night(with lights on) I can get the temps down to 78ish. I currently have them on a 19/5 light schedule.

    For nutes i plan i bought flora micro, grow, flower and floralitious. I yesterday i made a well diluted (1/5 recommended strength) foliar spray from organic kelp fert and gave them a light misting.

    Is 8 inches to close for seedlings? They seem to be doing fine but i don't want to screw anything up. My hand can barely feel the bulb heat at the distance the seedlings are at.

    I ordered a couple 30 cfm fans the other day. Hopefully that'll help keep the temps down. I'll probably have to get an air conditioner. It gets up to 100F here during the summer.
  2. Yes 8" is to close for seedlings, move it up to 18", remember they are babies and very fragile at this point, once they have adjusted and have some roots and size to them you may be able to get them even close but for now move it up... the humidity is not that big of deal, theyll be fine, just dont let them dry completly out....gluck man...

    ill drop in on ya

    Keeping it green...budslinger
  3. I raised my light and transplanted to bigger pots(i think the small peat moss pucks i had them in were stunting their growth). I also got the temps down to 80 by installing an air conditioner in my room. Couldn't get pics tonight... maybe tomorrow. I didn't have a chance to get any soil so i treated some old soil and mixed it 50/50 with peat moss.
  4. Yo. Alright i got the pics today. They seem to be looking a lot happier in there new homes. The peat pucks I had them in were drying out rather quickly; i had to water them 2-3 times a day to keep them from being bone dry.

    I've switched my light schedule a bit. Initially I had my lights off from 4-10pm but today I've switched them to 10am-4pm. This is so I don't have to run my air conditioner. The plants are pretty young. Will there be a risk of them becoming hermies?

    Tomorrow I have the computer fans coming. Hopefully that'll help get the temps down to 70; right now they're hovering around 80.

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  5. :DHere's a picture of them 8 days after germination... well except for the runt. I don't think the one that hasn't broken the surface is going to make it. So anyways, how do they look!? What's with the one with the yellow new growth? Is that normal or is something wrong? I plan on starting nutes next monday.:wave:

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  6. I wouldn't use nutes so quick.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement.:) I skimmed over your journal awhile ago, but i'll probably go over it again for a closer look. I'll be updating mine with pics every 4 days.

    BTW i thought DAY 15 was a good time to start nutes. Does anyone recommend starting later?
  8. do u have any pics of the actual bulb?
    id like to see if u have what ive got
  9. :hello:Here they are at 12 days old, starting to really kick ass. I've had some problems with the biggest one wilting but i think that was because I over-watered it. Today I made a soilless mix of peat moss vermiculite and perlite that I plan on transplanting too. Would now be a good time to transplant. I plan on starting nutes on monday. Is that a good idea? Anyways, here's the pics including the requested bulb pic.

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  10. This morning i checked on my babies and two of them are wilting a little bit. The soil is a little dry. Could underwatering be the culprit?
  11. I was looking at my plants a couple days ago and saw that their leaves were curled up. As the nute levels, light, humid, and temps are perfect, I suspected a PH imbalance. Since i made a soilless mix of 1/3 peat vermiculite and perlite, i suspected the medium was acidic.

    Soooo... I went to the hydro store today and bought some lime and a ph test kit. I just went to test my run off... and do you know what it is? 4! 4! way waaaay too low. I have tons of lime, how much should i add!? how should i do it? HELP PLZ!?!?:(
  12. whew i havent updated in awhile. i've been dealing with a LOT of ph issues. All plants have been flushed and one had its roots rinsed and was repotted. I'll probably have some pics on monday. I installed a carbon sock onto the grow box. Smell is taken care of, but even with two100cfm axel fans stacked in series, there's enough cfm loss to raise the temps to 84... argh! and thats with the ac on. Im thinking about adding another intake as the ones i have are rather small. hopefully another intake will help with the heat issues.

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