First time 1000 watt vertical SCROG

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    This is my first time attempting to grow with a vertical cool tube. I have never seen another journal with this method so I figured I would try it out. I have already completed the grow and documented the whole process. I would now like to share with fellow growers and show how this technique worked. The idea is to get the most surface area of light as possible with one single cool tube. I placed ten 5 gallon pots in a circle with the cool tube hanging in the center. Therefore, I was able to get a much better coverage of light. Unfortunately, I didn't document the information I gathered on this blog as it went so I am now working on uploading everything during my free time. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

    Here is my equipment profile
    1- 1000 watt hps
    1-250 watt cfl
    1 -400 cfm fan
    General organic nutrients
    RO water
    Fox farm ocean Forrest soil
    10- 5 gallon pots

    I started with 8 NY diesel clones
    1 island super skunk clone
    And a bunch of random seeds I have been collecting

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  2. Moved clones to solo cups once they rooted. So far looks great!

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  3. Ok where's the rest? I'm subbed
  4. Here are some more pics man, just started the thread and didn't get it finished last night as you can tell. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391790601.543266.jpg
    Just moved to 5 gallon pots. All of my clones rooted great.

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    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391790696.968360.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391790763.561567.jpg

    NY Diesel
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391790794.482566.jpg

    As you can see I added a wire barrier to keep the plants from reaching and touching the light.
    My temps are running 75 with lights on and 67 with them off

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  6. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391792994.854464.jpg
    Plants are loving all that light
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391793041.491560.jpg

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  7. sickk.... nice setup man, this is definitely interesting. 
    are you letting the plants grow into the screen and vert. scroggin it? thought about no screen and just turning the plants a 1/4 of the way each day?
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    Thanks man! Yes, I am going to let them grow through the screen and vertical. I thought about doing it without a screen as well, but I didn't want to have to rotate the plants each day. Though I am sure that would work too, just a lot more work haha.

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  9. Very very neat set up. Can't wait to see how this ends up. 
  10. :lol: ya the screen really appeals to the lazy side of me too

    Regardless, should work wonderfully. whereabouts are ya in flower?
  11. I am actually almost finished with the grow. I just haven't had the time to post as I go. So now I'm re documenting it on here. Stay tuned man I'll be updating stuff daily.

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  12. Thank you!

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  13. Plants are looking great. However the back circle of plant might not get the light needed to develop large colas. It seems they may be blocked from the light by the plants in front of them. I could be wrong but it's just my opinion. Are you rotating the plants? That would help with the problem but if you screen them it's not going to be possible. Plants are looking a bit limp, it is a sign of overwatering/ under watering. I would say it's probably overwatering. Your soil looks wet in the photos and overwatering is one of the most common problems. How often do you water? I recommend giving them more time between waterings. The top of the soil should be dry. Put your finger in the soil up to your first knuckle. It should be slightly moist. That's time to water. If it's real wet still give it more time. If you are worried about the top layer you can mist the top layer with a spray bottle. Also the plants enjoys being sprayed on the underside of their leaves. The absorb moisture and even nutrients that way. If you add nutrients add them at low strength. It is easy to burn then if it's to strong. Also you might need to build a screen to keep the plants from touching the light. They will grow into it eventually and be burned. You need to prevent them from getting to close. If anything you can tie the branches to the outside of the cage and scrog around the light. Just my thoughts. Keep up the good work.
  14. Holy shit dude..I can't wait to learn what your plants have to teach me :D
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    Thank you for the input man, I appreciate it. I was indeed over watering them at first, but was able to fix the problem. This is only my second grow and I learn something new everyday.

    The plants in the back were actually extra females I had and I didn't want to part ways with them lol. I had no more ten gallon pots nor did I wanna put more than 10 plants around my 1000 watt hps. So, the plants you see in the back corner are being lit by a 250 watt cfl and are only growing in solo cups haha. I sorta just did those ones to see where they go and how they do.

    I do have the screen around the light to prevent them from burning. However I am not rotating them because I want them to grow through the screen and climb it sort of like a vine.

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  16. That defeats the purpose of keeping them away from the light. They will grow through and too the light and burn themselves. You will need to bend and tie them to the outside of the cage so they keep their distance from the light. Rotating the plants helps the plants greatly. Even if they stay in their spot they should get turned 1/4 or 1/3 turn daily. Otherwise your colas will be uneven. Turning and rotating stops will make more uniformed colas and increased yield. This us you best bet for greater yield and potency.
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     I put my plants on 12/12 light cycle on 11/22/13

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