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first time 1 plant under 2700k 2 low watt cfls looksgreat

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by richarddaskunkman, Mar 28, 2016.


how do you think she looks under these 2 low watt cfls at 2700k topped her 3 times 1 on main stalk e

Poll closed Apr 4, 2016.
  1. hows my grow

  2. hows my grow

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  1. been growing for nearly 2 months under just 2 cfls 2700k each,,topped her 3 times and shes growing new shoots and rapidly

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  2. Lookin good, she's going to stretch Armstrong because of that kelvin rating tho. I advise u to get more watts in there for flower regardless of kelvin rating.
  3. The soil you're growing in is too heavy. You need to amend it to a ratio of about 60/40 with perlite. These plants don't like to have their roots sitting around in moisture all the time and having a soil that doesn't provide good drainage will only slow your plant's growth down. Agree with post above, definitely need more light in there around that plant so it will continue to get some size on it before you put it into flower. Also, if you had started that plant off in a much smaller container, like a Solo cup, she would be much further along by now. Confining the space they have to root into (which is what they always do first once transplanted), gets the plant back to growing foliage faster. Putting a tiny plant in a huge container is only going to cause it to take a LONG time to get rooted in and back to growing foliage. One more question....why do you have those balls/pellets on there if you're growing in soil. Those are mostly used with hydro grows so the plant has something solid to hold it up. They're not necessary in a soil grow and pretty much serve no purpose. Amend soil with perlite and repot, do not over water....only water when plant feels as light as it did when you loaded the pot with fresh dry soil, and make sure you adjust the pH of the water you use to the correct range (6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows). If you've got them growing in good soil, you shouldn't need any nutes until way on down the road in veg. In preparation for flower, you need to think about putting MUCH more light in there if you want to get a decent harvest. The size and density of your buds is directly proportional to the amount of good light they get during flower. More light....better harvest. CFLs work great for veg but are pretty lackluster when it comes to the flower cycle. You might want to think about flowering with hps or LED lighting. Good luck! TWW
  5. i put her into flower 2 nights ago should i put her back in veg till i can afford lights from bq,,,,, also mate ive repotted her twice and quite quickly shes gone rootbound again even in this big pot mate i need help
  6. shes already in flower can i put her bk in veg only been 2 days in flower,,, also shes rootbound again,,3 times nw in diffrent pots and this pots quite big mate
  7. Probably not truly "root bound" in the larger pots.
  8. ive put her in a much bigger pot today hopefully this 1 will do her threw flowering
  9. i put her bk in veg 24 hours i leave light on need more lumens ,, gunna buysome when i get paid
  10. also ve got her in perlite nw and soil much lighter isnt it never used perlite
  11. ive give her a good soak nw shes bk under the lights ill post a new pic once i get more lumens,,, is she good on my window sill in the sun or would she be better directly in the sun outside

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