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  1. Man I got my first ticket last night. The other day this cop came up to my friends and I while were were all high as shit and said he got a report of suspicious kids driving "weird" through the park. Well last night that cop recognozed my car and clocked me doing 49 in a 30 where everybody does 45. Now he never said anything about a fine, just a court date so am I gonna have to pay anything? He called it a citation not a ticket.
  2. yeah..thats a ticket.
    he shouldve given you your ticket and a sheet that explains the fines youll pay along with court fees.
    speeding ticket around here for over the limit is like 145 dollars with court fees.
    but it varies.
  3. There will be fines, there are always fines, you could fight the ticket and hope the cops doesn't show up, happens a lot really.
  4. tickets always get lowered if you take them to court. Its a easy way for them to make more money off you because most people don't take the time to show up on the court date. Tickets are often overpriced and will be easily cut down.
  5. Yeah I figured they normally explained the cost and such but not in this case. I won't fight the ticket cause I was at fault. I wasn't paying attention and was going too fast. How much of a hassle is it to go to court? How much will it lower the fine.
  6. your first ticket? they will give you a plea bargain. did he tell you how many points the ticket was or anything?

    my first ticket went like this. 82 in a 65. went to court, called over to talk to DA. da says, we are willing to drop this to a 2 point (from 4 points) "defective vehicle" charge. i agreed. went to the judge, he repeated my speeding ticket and the reduced charged. "in the case of defective vehicle how do you plea?" "guilty" and i walk out 2 points lower and 100 bucks or so. its pretty painless dude.
  7. Even if your at fault you should go to court. They will reduce the money and how many points get taken off.
  8. If your under 18 they are gunna give it up your ass, no doubt about it. If your not though talk to the prosecutor. get there at least 30 min early with your checkbook of cash (pretty sure they dont take credit) and ask to speak to the prosecutor. usually you can bargin them to just pay a fine without getting any points on your lisence, especially since you have a clean driving record other that that. GL man!
  9. I remeber when I got my first ticket, I didnt signal a lane change at 1am with no cars on the road. :(
  10. i dont know if its the same where you live but here you can get it deferred and as long as you dont get any more tickets in like a year or 2 its off your record. not sure if you still gotta pay, the only ticket i got was when i slid off the road in the snow and the cop gave me a too fast for conditions speeding ticket but the judge just dropped it.

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