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"first thought of the day"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, May 7, 2006.

  1. does anybody else wake up in the morning and one of the first thoughts before(or just after) openening the eyes is "gotta grab the bong". LOL thats how it is for me a lot of the time, i just wake up wanting to smoke. Of course there are a few days like today where I've already been awake for a few hours without hitting it, but thats kind of rare. who else is THIS involved with the marijuana!? I wana see the true wake'n bake stoners come out!
  2. First thought of the day,
    ...Fuuuuck... Im alive...
    *flick flick*
    *slight crackling noise*

  3. Yesssssssssssss.


    Thats how we roll. :smoke:

    Usually the "im alive" part comes from blacking out the night before haha.
  4. lol not many wake and bakes for me I'm afraid :(
  5. My first thought is ''What time is it?'' then ''Where are my ciggarettes?''
  6. I wake up and think "damn what time is it?"

    then I think "fuck the clock, it's time for chronic"
  7. "Holy shit... The ceiling in this house is BORING."
  8. "Who are all of these people, and why am I naked?"
  9. "Fuck, I'm still alive."

    Said that one many-a-time.
  10. Thinking about where I left my weed after last night's drunken adventures
  11. I wake up and have a little one hitter packed in my dugout so as soon as my eyes open I grab the dugout and hit the one hit and start feelin good.

  12. haha hell yeh, ill wake up not knowing where i put some nugs the night before then stumble across it, its a classic way to start the wake n bake
  13. i usually wake up. go to my computer to see if i have any messages. then it's toke time.

    wake and bake is the best way to go.

  14. man im the same way i gotta smoke me a newport as soon as i get up but occationaly a blunt get the day going right +rep on that man
  15. sometimes is what time is it..

    other times its .. wahts that awful pain in my stomach.. followd by a good hour of shittiing my brains out from ither drinkin.. dxm .. or an assortment of pills ;o

    sometimes its 'damn im not gonna smoke today' (by time school lets out im BUGGIN to smoke a bowl .. never happens and probly never will)
  16. i say that to myself all the time. at least you make it to school. if i have weed, i never make it to work sober. i alway have to get "just a little high".
  17. "Where`s my dick"
  18. Looked out the window this morning to a beautiful day and thought "man I'm glad I didn't drink last night."
  19. hah no first thought of the day is always stupid and incomprehensive, im pretty wierd in the morning.
  20. "" is mine

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