First things first... Request input. (AUTOS)

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  1. Hello GCC! I am a new member and have just received my "Berry Ryder" Autoflower seeds from Attitude. I am going to be attempting a single plant in a 15" by 18" closet. 
    My biggest concerns right now are :
    1. Which soil should I use? Preferably one which is readily available at any big store 
    2. Optimal CFL light setup. - what is best Wattage and Lumens for my space? (lights will provide most heat for the plant) 
    I know that Autos can grow in less than optimal conditions, which is why I decided to give them a try for my first attempt. I would like to get started as soon as possible. Like I said I have never done this before but have read lots and understand most of it. Although, thinking and doing are two different beasts. Thanks for your input and help!! I know you will steer me correctly!

  2. Soil Wise i was thinking of using Pro-mix HP
  3. welcome
    berry ryder awesome
    pro mix is a good choice
    23w cfls are very common and put out 1600 lumens each
    u can never have enuff lumens, never
    be sure to use a 1 gal pot maybe even 2 gal
    kamels cfl guide
    autoflower resource thread
    for expert help start a grow journal but beware of the matrix
    the matrix has you Neo...... :cool:
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    Hey man I appreciate the input! After waiting a couple hours I ended up just going out and buying some gear!
    3 gallon pot 
    4 -23 watt (1640 Lumen) CFL
    Wall timer
    Digital Thermo/Hygro combo
    360 degree fan
    3 Lightsocket plug-ins 
    multi-female extension cord
    as far as the soil goes, the pro-mix hp was gone, I decided to use Miracle Grow Moisture Control (a friend has used it with great results) as it was the next best thing the had to offer for autos. I am Please with my setup and shall post pics soon. 
    --Seeds are germinating right meow
  5. Welcome to the forum, @[member="WillyAUTO"]!

    Glad to see you got your stuff ordered! You should make a grow journal, I'd quite like to see your setup and results.
    Have fun growing ;)

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