First thing you'd do if weed was legalized

Discussion in 'General' started by DeviousByNature, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Me personally, I'd get some bad ass seeds and start a big damn crop. So I wouldn't have to keep buying it.
  2. Growing is the obvious choice but not the very first thing i would do.

    first thing would be to roll a blunt with about a quarter of middies and walk around downtown washington DC smoking it for like an hour. i would offer it to every person i saw so that everyone could experience my happiness.

  3. Smoke weed.
  4. liquor is legal and you cant make liquor without a license, y would the govt allow people to grow without a license either

    and you cant walk around with a bottle of beer in your hand either without getting arrested

    man you guys dont think do you.. tax evasion and public intoxication, both would apply
  5. i'd buy a farm and start a new career
  6. protest to hell and back... jk

    idk it wouldn't change anything for me but the prices probably.
    so smoke a blunt maybe
  7. I'm glad you've already gotten your copy of this hypothetical law so you can point out the inaccuracies in our daydreams
  8. Probably the same thing I always do.... smoke weed in my basement.
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    LMAO,, you know.. I wish I had my copy of that hypothetical law book..
  10. And it's not that we don't think. We just don't waste our time over thinking hypothetical events. It's called imagination.

  11. you're right neg, legalization doesn't mean everything related to marijuana will suddenly become legal.
    What it means is our county will legalize the production and supply of marijuana by certified businesses.

    Public consumption outside of specific locations ("coffeeshops") will have to be illegal because of second-hand smoke.
    Illegal production and supply will have to remain illegal just as illegal production and supply of alcohol is today.

    However production for private use should be no more illegal than the hobby of producing homebrew is today.

    So, what will I do when marijuana is legalized? I'll immediately initiate the legal process required to open a coffeeshop in my neighborhood. When I succeed with that I'll invite all the blades to opening day, where your first purchase will be free if you can just log into GC :D
  12. I'd probably go murder someone, just because I wouldn't be doing anything illegal again for a long time. I'd like to go out with a bang.
  13. Begin my search for a chill cop to smoke a blunt with.
  14. I would dance in the rain.

    I know it would be a rainy day because it says that marijuana can only be legalized on a rainy day in the hypothetical marijuana law book.
  15. when i hear of "legalization" and not "decriminalization" i think along the lines of ciggs *not alc* can smoke outside and *possibly* in certain buildings...but roll me a nice fatty and stroll up to a cop and ask him for a light:D

    id also plan a HUGE smoke party..tho im sure thatd be on a lot of ppls agendas
  16. id smoke some weed prolly
  17. Would you really want to do that? I wouldn't want weed to become the new Keystone Light with frat boys in pink collared shirts organizing Weed Pong games
  18. First I would rip my face off with my z-roller then roll a blunt, a joint, and grab my pipe and set up a lawn chair in my front yard, grab a cooler fill it with beer and go chill in front of my house, listening to a mix of Pink Floyd, Citizen Cope, Led Zeppelin, Marley, etc. and ask everyone that passes by to come take a drag with me and celebrate our freedom!

    Then I would go down to the Police Department and wait for the officer who is the best cop I know, (he told me to put out my joint and throw it away or he would be forced to take action due to his job, so I tossed it and walked away) if he would care to come over to my place and smoke one with me while in uniform. (you all know that would be the shit) If not in uniform at least w/hat and badge...:hello:
  19. Actually liquor can be made without a license legally, it just can't be sold without one. There is no law against home brewing you own personal liquor. For that matter wal-mart in our state sells micro breweries for both beer and liquor.
  20. no..nothing like that skydog..but i mean id throw a personal party...friends and friends of friends to be able to smoke out on that wondrous day without the fear of being hassled

    id handle it like any other party that im involved get too outta control then you gotta leave..i dont like drama at my can pass out, you can have fun..start some bs tho and your no longer welcome until you calm down

    but yeah..too bad actually legalization will never happen..only decrim:p

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