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First Thing You Smoked Out Of?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Wolf Shady, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. First time I smoked weed I took a few hits out of my friends water bottle bong but was only made with a bottle and a big ratchet piece and I was in the school bathroom after lunch and after the bell so I was already late to class , I got so high and I think I was 12 or 13 but it was in 7th grade and we never got caught or questioned , what was the first thing you smoked out of?

    Stay Lifted~
  2. A homemade Power Aid bong in my friends RV.
    Good times. :smoke:
  3. Sit down for a minute...I love my first time story.
    So we bolted from school at like noon or some shit, after lunch, cause us po' kids got free lunch...Headed Due North to Jesus' humble modern abode, I chilled outside for a bit puffin' on my Marlboro while Arab and Tubbs (Fuck, I hate Tubbs) rolled in.  I come into the basement from the side entrance and am greeted by a table in the middle of his floor with a four-hit bong on it, surrounded by pillows, a fridge in the back loaded with beer, and I'm thinkin' "Shit, I'm gonna have to figure out how to get a pack of stoges tomorrow."
    So we get all seated and we're blowing through literal pound bags of weed, around dinner time his hot ass sister came down to join...Fuckin' boy shorts and nice ass, tanned legs, fuck me and those tits!  Those fuckin' tits!  Goddamnit OscarZetaAcosta!  You're going off-topic, stay on fuckin' topic!

    Shit, sorry...Alright, so at this time Arab hopped out so his sister came and sat down by me, asking me if I was alright and shit...Only thing I remember is my response, "Just fine, now."  Can't really remember much of fuck all after that, a bit of the ride home, and waking up to my mum screaming at me about a bag of Cheetos...I'm waking up all hazy and shit, like "What the fuck just happened" waking up here, and glance over at the side table and sure enough...A big ass empty fuckin' bag of Cheetos.  Everyone heard me scream.
    Thankfully this wouldn't go on to ruin my prosperous and more than enjoyable ten year plus future with sweet, sweet Mary Jane. :cool:
  4. My sisters gave me a bong hit from a big acrylic bong.  It was summer of 1973.
    jealous. summertime in the 1970s just sounds like an ideal time to be introduced to ganga. has a certain ring to it haha. 
    for me, first time I blazed up I must have been 13 or so. this weird guy my friend met online gave him a joint, and we smoked it in my friend's kitchen cause his dad was out of town. I don't think I got really 'stoned' just a little mood change and stuff. 
    first time I got straight BLAZED was about a year later. I smoked a pipe with a few of my friends and got lit as hell. 
    I can tell you this, there sure as fuck were not any digital scales. :laughing:  A lid (big fat bag) was $10
  7. Normal ass story. I was at a party, and people were smoking on the porch, I joined em, and I saw them start passing a joint around. I knew these guys well, and so I figured, if I'm gonna start with anyone, might as well be them. So I took a couple puffs off the jay, and proceeded to get fairly stoned off a few more pipe hits inside. It's kinda funny how quickly people drop the hiding weed thing once everyone turns out to be cool. It's like "oh, everyone here is cool? Ok. *empties pockets with a pipe lighter and bags of weed* anyone wanna hit?" My first weed experience.

    Stay frosty.
  8. 9th grade spring I smoked out of a pepsi can. Ballllla
    First and only time using a can
  9. Never used a can , my friends at a birthday party were gonna and I was like no sense I brought all the weed as my present but still , so we went back to the house met up with a few more friends and smoked with a bowl then a big green bong , I got stupid high out of my mind I can't even explain it

    Stay Lifted~
  10. First time I smoked, I didn't get high at all. It was the summer after 8th grade, before starting highschool. Anyways I'm on vacation with all my family and cousins just having a good time. And then I went walking on the beach with my sister, and three of my cousins. And we just smoked there. I didn't feel the high.

    It wasn't until summer of 2010 that I went to California for my cousins wedding(about 35 cousins on my moms side) and we stayed at this beach house mansion thing. Idk all I remember was it hAd a fuckin elevator inside. So me and my cousin walked around looking for weed. The second guy we asked gave us bud. And it was good shit. Anyways, my cousins rolled a blunt and we smoked it. And I got so fuckkn baked. I could barely stand up to walk home. Then I just went to sleep because I was hella paranoid. But yea it was a good time.
  11. The first time was a bowl but it was synthetic weed. Spice. I took too much and it had me stuck to the sofa. Never again. Will stick to the natural stuff from now on!
  12. A tire pressure checker used for vehicles here to make sure there is enough air in our vehicles tires.

    It was really ghetto, but it did get us high. Probably not the safest thing lol. Hopefully there was no grease on it or something harmful. I feel asleep in about 30 mins from a couple of hits, I miss that baby tolerance haha.

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  13. Smoked a blunt at Mizzou's summer welcome at a frat party last year my senior year of high school next day came home took 10 bong rips(actually got high) from my friends bong and have been high more often than not since then 😄

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  14. The first time I smoked fake weed was on a 420 at a friends house , me and my friend almost got caught cause his mom saw we posted "happy 420" on Facebook and she saw it and questioned us and we had to convince her we didn't smoke and later that night we made a pipe with a ratchet piece and a marker. I remember he had a weird lamp that made designs in lights all over his room and that instantly made me loose my shit cause we got so high on it , and I kept thinking a target practice poster was looking at me. At this time I was maybe 12 or 13 and just started smoking but I would try it again but real weed is way better

    Stay Lifted~
  15. I was 12 summer into 6th grade and I won weed in a game of pong so me and my friend tried to sell it didn't work and we got a apple to smoke outa and my 15 year old scum bag brother rolled in with a giant bong and the last thing I heard him say the whole night was after he packed a half bowl of his half of mine he said (if your gonna do it *tales hit* do it right *coughs* this is some doe icky

    -=The Masyiah of Ganja=-
  16. Last day of 8th grade, some almost 6 years ago 😐 crazy to think it's been almost 6 years since I first smoked.

    A buddy of mine found his dads light saber bong (maybe 10" purple acrylic straight shooter) and his dads stash (we found out a year later his dad grew 😁)

    So we went to this elementary school before a barbecue and climbed on the roof..... Loaded up a bong bowl and blazed. Smoked probably 3 or 4 bowls. Got pretty high. That was what proved to me ganja was going to be a part of me the rest of my life.

    6 years later and I still enjoy the "art of smoking" met some of my best friends through tree. Now here I am now a Prop 215 patient lol.

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  17. First time I smoked weed was a joint my friend rolled for us. He really wanted me to start smoking weed haha. I didnt get high though, I only got high the fourth time I smoked (second time with this friend) and it was out of his bong and I got destroyed.
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    Out of a cola can in 2005, I was in 5th grade.

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  19. My buddies 3 foot plastic bong they fuckin torched a whole bowl and get chanting go, I inhaled and it felt like I got hit by a fuckin truck. I had to lay down lol played some intense mtg after though ;)

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