first thing you ever smoked out of?

Discussion in 'General' started by sdlave, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. mine was a water bottle bong :smoke:
  2. rolling paper....:cool:
  3. First time I smoked it was out of my brothers' girlfriends' glass pipe. We all smoked it together next to the beach, it was shaped like a fish and it was blueish, and it had a carb. :cool:
  4. A glass pipe but didn't get high till the 4th time when I used a waterbottle
  5. A glass bowl with a room full of random college students. We also smoked 2 blunts a steamy, and a paper. I felt it my first time for sure
  6. A metal pipe with a picture of Jesus on it:smoke:
  7. My cousins took me into the basement when I was twelve and whipped out the four foot Zong..I shit myself a little at the sight of that thing. It was probably one of the best and worst decisions of my life, man I miss that damn thing and the olden days :smoke:
  8. 3 year old joint that i found in my dads tool box i was like 11
  9. Water bottle bong
  10. A coke tin turned into a pipe with holes in the side for a bowl
  11. a glass hand pipe.
  12. Philly Blunt or white owl invincible probably...
  13. I think one of those keychain pipes you get at a carnival with that tiny bowl that could get you one good hit.
  14. glass spoon like many others. i had to think about this one for a while.
  15. it was a Gatorade bottle back in 9th grade
  16. Pop can, then brownies the 2nd time :p
  17. an apple pipe when I was 15, haha

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