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First thing you do after you put down the bong/smoking device?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MOOT, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. For me, I check the fridge. Doesn't matter how many times I looked and there was nothing earlier that day. Then I usually make my way over to the TV.

    Shows where my priorities are when I am high.
  2. Depends, but most of the time i make my way to my bed and turn on the tv or the 360. Just got my new 40" tv, so i don't even move from my room.
  3. If I'm at a friend's place usually I just continue watching the movie that's usually on, or keep jamming music. If I'm driving I don't smoke bongs, but when I'm done I usually head back to the dorm and chill, eat, or find something to do.
  4. Smoke a cigarette.
  5. the very first thing i do, is take a sip of the drink i have next to me and light up a cig. for me their the best after smoking the ganja.
  6. Put my smoking stuff away and go get some water.
  7. Stash my stash, make the necessary precautions to avoid gettting arrested, turn the music up, and chill out.
  8. After a good rip i like taking a sip of water/beer watever im drinking at that time. Or after i put it down i pack my tube again!
  9. i put the e-brake down, and drive to a fast food place.
  10. :D pretty funny...

    I like to close my eyes and relax for a minute or two...let it all sink in..
  11. pick it back up and pack it.
  12. Smoke a cigerette.
  13. Take a drink of water then put the bong up or roll down the windows if I'm in the car...
  14. The best thing to do after you smoke is to strip down and have sex with the girl. that would be my favorite,;)
  15. Smoke a stoog. What else whould i do?? haha
  16. i crawl out of bed, take a piss. look for some breakfest, then do what needs to be done
  17. Pick up my other smoking device and use it.
  18. If I'm alone, I normally grab a bottle of water or something.

    Since I'm usually with friends though, we're normally feelin pretty high by the time we finish a couple of bowls or whatever. So we just continue our high ass conversation. I still go for a some water though.
  19. Probably exhale and cough.
  20. I sit and stare at my sexy ass bong

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