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First Thing You Do After Smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BurnAFewDown, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I've noticed I sort of get into a routine when I'm smoking alone (always different with friends). I put my shit away then head straight for my TV, but no couch lock here. I go to my DVR and bring up a Dave Matthews Band concert from 2008, skip like 10 mins into it and watch them play "You Might Die Trying" it's my favorite song high and 100 times better high. Then I just go do whatever after that, ride a bike, play xbox, ect.

    Haha I know it might sound random as fuck but it's like I'm on a serious trip listening to it.

    Anyways, do any of you guys (girls) brake into a routine when high? Get munchies, smoke a cig, ect.?
  2. Music is always great blazed I agree. I don't necessarily have any particular routine.

    But usually, I smoke more ;)
  3. when im alone i usually take a couple hits, watch tv and go on grasscity, take a few more hits, get a drink and a snack, smoke more, then whack off and go to bed. :D
  4. Depends on where I am at the time. But if it's at home and I'm alone, I put away my shit, log out of facebook and everything, go downstairs, turn on TV to a good channel and start cooking the food. After that's done, naptime. Laughtime. Hightime.
  5. Smoke moar!!!
  6. Depends if Im with someone or not..but if im alone or with my bro, we always hop on COD after we hit some bowls in the backyard :D
  7. Come back inside, go on here a lil then play some muthafuckin Xbox.
  8. I always start off by smoking two joints before smoking two joints, and then I smoke two more. :)

    Seriously though, first thing I do if I'm smoking alone is put on Sublime, Bob Marley, or The Black Keys and start belting it.

    If I'm smoking with others, that's when the high convo always starts.
  9. I just do what I do
  10. This guy is right though... Music!!

    But I've got music playing while I smoke, so it doesn't really count. I prefer to do as little as possible so I can feel the weed entering my system :) I love chilling on my balcony... not a care in the world.
  11. Light a cigarette. :cool:
  12. Getta dam drink haha
  13. I usually smoke 2-3 cigs once I'm done...if Im not by myself I just play on the wii with the guys
  14. If im alone ill put my shit away first change clothes spray myself and then get a drink and play call of duty or listen to music.
    If im with others its usually a high talk, spitting game, or cruising and listening to toons... Ahhh the good times :)
  15. if im alone make pb & j and have a blue gatorade and watch pawn stars while im eating, then play some ps3 with my brother or go on the computer smoke another bowl and repeat
    if im with a group high conversations, or couch lock watching man vs. food.
  16. I LOVE watching Man v/s Food! I think Adam is so adorable. :p
    Pawn Stars is an okay show, but have you ever watched Storage Wars? That show is so good! I'm always amazed by some of the shit they actually find, and even more amazed by what the shit is worth. It's made me give serious consideration to starting to go to local storage unit auctions just to see what all could be made. If nothing else, I could open my own consignment shop, and sell the stuff from that.
  17. Put my stuff away, turn the tv on.

    If it's thursday, I put Worlds Dumbest on, cause that's the funniest show when your mad high lol.
  18. #18 bongtokes6200, Aug 4, 2011
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    hell yeah! he cracks me up haha.
    but no i havent seen storage wars, i might have to start watching it now tho by the way you described it, lol i assume its on History channel? along with all the other shows like that. haha
  19. #19 WeedIsYummy, Aug 4, 2011
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    OMFG me too! I watch all those shows religiously haha but me and some friends went to a storage auction down here where I live and not only were they all insanely expensive and looked like garbage but the weirdest people you could imagine were at this thing including a probly 60+ year old man riding a broken bike with no shirt.... It's nothing like tht show haha
  20. I sit down and watch the time pass:smoke:

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