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First Thc Cartomizer Attempt ...and I Have A Few Qs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Icon_xof, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. For the vape mix I used .5g of decarbed (before run) winterized bho, 1.5ml propylene glycol, and .5ml veg glycerin. Double boiled at ~175 under constant stir via Dremel on a stand.

    For the vaporizer I have a Skyda8 with a cartomizer that holds 1.6ml.

    Initial notes: use more vg to pg. Throat hit is a little harsh. Increase potency. Sitting on about 25 puffs and holding a good, but not amazing buzz (but I do have a VERY high tolerance)
    After 25 hits, my cart reads 1.4ml left, which should mean I can expect ~200 hits per cart.

    So, any vets out there have any input?

    I guess my only real questions are:
    Since pg, vg, and thc all have boiling points over 300, would I get a better mix if I increase my heat to ~290?
    Would adding a couple ml of 190 proof grain alcohol help to combine the mix? The alcohol will boil out at 173 so it seems like it wouldn't hurt.

  2. I am a vaper and I am sooo interested in this. I had no idea how to start though with thc. Good shit bro.
  3. It's very interesting and fun to show off, but it's very hard to find good info on the specifics of making them viable as a product. Now I'm having problems with the pg/vg/bho mix separating once it's cooled. I think if I switch to a cart that has some kind of fibrous filler to absorb the mix that it should keep it from separating.
    Anyone else here try this???

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  4. Maybe I didn't post this in the best place. Maybe a mod would know a better place on the forums?
    Maybe I'm too high :rolleyes:

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  5. Looks like I'm in for some TnE...

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  6. Hi,  may be, i can help you, to mix bho with base, to make your own eliquid.

    Use only propylene glycol, to mix bho, (metodo de doble caldera, sin hervir agua), and a few drops of ethanol pure 99.9%.

    wen you do it, you must find one atomizer that the temperaturo to work, are 190ºC, because the normal cartomizers work at 170ºC.

    try and tell me.
  7. Thank you very much for the info nestecillo. That's what I've been doing with the exception of the 99.9% etoh. I will def try that. In return I can tell you that I've found you can get a higher purity using 95% etoh (everclear) extractions. It's much more work than the bho, but worth the effort if it's for personal or patients willing to donate extra. If you're interested in the tech I use, just mention.

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