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  1. hey all, i hope this is the right forum to post in(sorry, im a lil high) well anyways, my birthdays comin up may 30, and my parents are going to pay for me to get a tat. well it'll my first one, and i was just wondering if you'll thought this would be a lame quote to have in my tattoo or not,"expand your mind" and what that means to me is dont be so narrow minded about things, try to be openminded and to try and expand your mind to things you've never thought before. kinda like that cool spacey mind trance you get when you listen to ''the end'' by The Doors. well i do at least lol well anyways, jus give me you'lls thought on the quote
  2. you shouldnt be worried about what other people think about your tattoo...seems like you're getting one cuz you want to look cool which is a horrible reason to get something so permanant
  3. man i think tattoos are awesome. its a speaks mad culture.
  4. no its not that, its just that its going to be on my body for the rest of my life and i just wanted to kno if you'll would like it or not
  5. i start my sleeve on tuesday i'm fucking stoked!
  6. yeah dude "expand your mind" is great. where are you getting it?

  7. At the tattoo parlor, where else? :D :D :D (had to say it because I didn't think he would!)
  8. ^lol^ you corny mofo

    my birthday is also coming up and UFT and i have been talking about getting tattos for a while... i still have no clue what to get. my favorite idea right now would be a cross on my upper right back
  9. on my right shoulder blade. ya im pretty excited
  10. I've often wondered why, if you're going to get a single tattoo, do you want to put it on a place that you can't see without the use of a mirror? :confused:
  11. idk why that is either tweech lol, BUT if i get a tat im with them lol, i wanna get somen REALLY big on my back, like angel wings type thing, or idk, just somen that people would remember, like the thing stevo has hahah!!! IDK but i thihnk the "expand your mind" would be rather cool, maybe with weed smoke burning off a joint surrounding the words
  12. well tweech its somewhere where people cant easily see so you can still work anywhere and its a spot that many people can see if your at the beach wherever and it tells about yourself (though i never go to church, i am a firm believer). i was thinking when i have a kid i would have their name and birth date on my fore arm....
  13. Just remember that you do not have to get approval for the modification of your own body. If you have already spoken to your fam and theyr cool w/ it then go with what you want. I am saying this b/c i started getting tats at around 15-16 years old.(not smart b/c the people who r willing to tat a youngster are not always the best) I never say hey do you like this or what would you get, not to be a dick but I do not care what my friend or someone else would get. Tats r a personal statment, and they r you so just do what you want and rock it like you stole it. Good luck and remember you do not have to wake up next to a big fat slut the rest of your life(unless that is your thing) but you will have to see the tat (unless you get it removed) :D JOE>

    P.S. with all this new technology(lasers,lypo,facelifts,sweedish blowjob machines) you have to follow everything up w/ unless. HAHA!
  14. where can i get one of these so called "sweedish blowjob machines"?

  15. One place you might try: :eek: :cool:
  16. Oh shit someone actually knows where to get em' HAHAHAHA! That shit is so funny. JOE>

  17. Well, I haven't actually seen (or heard of) a 'swedish blow-job machine', but there are plenty of contraptions out there that serve the same purpose. Try clicking on the "Hi-Tech Pumps/Masterbators" link... :rolleyes: :D :cool:
  18. me im going to be getting my first one too prob going to be a tribal tattoo thats going all the way around my right bicep and it i can tolerate that im prob going to get one on my right calf in japaneese or chineese lettering that says my fiences name and my name forever and then down the road get one on my left bicep thats a paramedic symbol and then one lower with my kids name on it with a much do they hurt

  19. Did anyone else start off thinking that he was talking about a Swedish blow-job machine? :D :D :D

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