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  1. Havn't posted anything in a while, so decided to make my first post back of my first tattoo. I drew it up myself, and sketched it myself and all the guy did was copy it, ive had it for 6 months now.

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  2. That's pretty cool man!

    I want to get my tattoo in the same place actually, its just going to be more than half the size of yours. :p

    Did it hurt at all?
  3. Not really tbh, at the beginning just startling but the pain is easy to get used to. Nothing out of the ordinary, you getting an original piece? And yeh i got my first one small so that l8er on down the road i can add to it, at the top of the tattoo i left room to stretch or add on something different moving up my arm.
  4. cool tatt. i like the artwork, but why did you get it?
  5. I thought about it for a while, ive been drawing things of the same style for a while, almost 5 years and decided to make it a part of my life, yet the 2 aliens are a part of my cousins tattoo, she passed 7 months ago, i thought ide incorporate her.
  6. Cool. I'm glad you had a real reason to get a tattoo cuz i see a lot of douchebags getting tatts just to be cool. Tatts should be meaningful and symbolic and i am glad to see you did that. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I found tattoos help with the healing process of losing a loved one.
  7. Definitly and ill never forget her, yeh i see many people get tattoos for no reason also, i dont mean any dis-respect but i dont consider them douche bags, i just dont consider to think about it, never bothered me since its not stuck on me its on them. Obviously its completely stupid and i agree =) i just dont take notice of it often although every once in a while it will anger me, im pritty lay back lmfao. West oakland got good bud?
  8. The clubs sure do:). And i grow my own so i'm also a caregiver.

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