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  1. Hey Blades,

    Planning out my first tattoo...:hello:

    After trials of deciding what to get and where to get it, Ive decided to get my Initials (CAB) under neath my armpit. Like on the uppper part of my ribcage going down.
    I guess the thing im looking for is any advice, thoughts, tips, ideas, fonts, designs or any sort of say so to help move this process along.

    P.S. Im not looking for it to be uber crazy or big. Kinda simple and kinda smaller compared to many tats ive seen.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Only tip is to get something kind small for your first time,my first tattoo was barbed wire allround my right leg from my ankle to my upper thigh
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    Not tryin to be an ass but that sounds pretty gay lol sorry i had to say it.
  4. definitely hit up the artist..

    see what he can do with the font..

    pretty sure he can come up with something unique for you.
  5. Some shops will have a wide range of fonts on hand, either on paper or on computer for you to choose from. Otherwise, find the font you like on your own and design the tattoo, as far as size, font, and placement, and print it up before you go in to the shop. That way the artist just has to make a stencil of your initials and go to work.
    Warning, your chosen placement of this peice is gonna fucking hurt like hell. Anything on the ribs is killer and will test your metal.

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