First tattoo- high or not?

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  1. So, on Monday, I'll be getting my first tattoo.

    I was wondering whether or not it's better to get one while sober or while stoned.

    Sometimes pain is easier for me to take while I'm high, but not always, and I'm a little worried about how painful it will be. My pain tolerance is pretty high, but I definitely don't like pain and it's not THAT high.

    So I'm wondering if it'll be less painful if I'm baked.

    Kind of a stupid question, but I don't know.

  2. get drunk. that'll work better hahaha. what r u gettin done?
  3. It doesn't matter, unless you absolutely can't sit still while high, or something. Marijuana typically doesn't affect anything relating to tattoos, and may actually make it more pleasant. In fact, I wish I'd blazed before getting mine, it would have made those 6 hours a hell of a lot more pleasant.

    Don't touch alcohol, though, it thins the blood.
  4. I tend to feel every little detail when I'm stoned, I'd go sober. Have something rolled or packed for right after.

    I've chilled in some tattoo shops before, but if you have any coke (yey), you can rub it on your hand with a drop of water, and rub it on the tattoo spot, supposedly it numbs your skin. They do it mostly for face tattoos (in the ghetto), but no one has to know ;)
  5. a reputable artist won't perform any procedure on you while intoxicated.
  6. ive been wondering this too, fucked up on an opiate maybe? painkiller pills?

  7. Yep this, I've never known a reputable artist to do any ink if they know the person is impaired. Go straight, you'll enjoy it much more. Enjoy
  8. Hey, damn almost forgot. If/when you get it done post pics I'd love to see it.
  9. Got my only tat while I was high. It's on my back and the only bad part was where it's over my spine (that stings). I was pretty lit so I just kinda zoned out through the whole thing. Guess I need to get another while I'm sober so I can compare.
  10. Yup, my tattoo artist told me to reschedule when I showed up high to an session.

    I mean I was kind of shocked, but I geuss I can dig it. He's a stickler, but he's a great artist so it's worth it.
  11. bein high makes tattoo's hurt a hell of alot more

    when i got the one on my stomach i stopped to smoke a blunt with some friends halfway through, n when i went back it was pure hell (it already hurt like a bitch)
  12. don't bother, it doesn't hurt that bad.
  13. you will get a high from the pain :smoking:

    go sober, so you know what your getting
  14. i got drunk friday night, woke up at my buddys house on sat and started drinkin beer. i payed him $150 for this. hes not quite done yet, as he had to do a tatto for someone else and started on mine aroun 6 or 7 and stopped at 2 or 3 in the mornin. i had a straw for my beer and he kept staeady drinking. anyways, hows it look? i didnt smoke but a bowl or 3 the whole day yesterday. even drunk as shit, the mug hurt, but i think it woldve been worse if i (and probably my buddy) we were sober.

  15. true dat
  16. If you dont wanan go sober, take some pain killers.
  17. snort a line, you won't even feel it
  18. I know a guy who went to get a tattoo drunk and couldn't stop moving during the process, it ended up ruining the tat when he started bleeding, the blood ran down the tat ruining it.
  19. take percs if you are worried they are safe to get tats on
  20. My tattoo is going to be on the back of my neck, three stars with cherry blossom vines intertwined in them.

    I should be getting it in the next week, but my fucking mother keeps pushing back the dates (since she's paying for it). I'll post a pic once it's been done.

    I'll probably go sober since my mother's coming with me.

    I'm still hoping I'll be able to handle the pain. Everyone has different pain tolerances and so I hear different stories about it not hurting and about it hurting.

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