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First T-break in years

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Rhymesayers420, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Ever since I started smoking it seemed like it was all I wanted to do. It made me calm, relaxed, and even high. Which of course made everything not boring and very enjoyable. It wasn't until later that I discovered I have a very severe case of anxiety, which can be attributed to my overuse of drugs in my early years. I have not willingly taken a tolerance break since I have begun smoking weed. Which is about 8 years ago. Recently I had the insurance and opportunity to start seeing a doctor again about my anxiety. I was prescribed a wonderful medication that helps with anxiety while still keeping my head clear. Not that I don't love weed, but I found that since my anxiety has been leveled, why not take a T-break for a few weeks? At first I was thinking just a week, but then I thought about 2, and now I'm thinking more? Haha who knows. But it is definately awesome not feeling attached to the herb. Anyone else been or in the same boat? :D:hello::D:hello:
  2. I just started my tolerance break today, two weeks, good luck man! I too have pretty bad anxiety and im about to go to the doctor for it. Two weeks lets ya get your life in order and just think how great that first l will be in two weeks.
  3. well if you were smoking for 8 years without a break i'd take atleast a month off
  4. Weed seems to help me with my anxiety :hello:
  5. Weed helps with my anxiety... but after 8 years of straight tokin I bet it adds to the anxiety more than it helps.
  6. This.
    Not that it made it worse, just that it made it necessary for me to smoke to qwell the anxiety. Lately I had been trying techniques, such as saving my smoke for after work and class, which helped with the tolerance and the anxiety aspect a bit. And I have taken breaks, just not willingly (taking vacation where no connects I.E.). You better believe I was drinking a bit though hehe.

    Anxiety is terrible, I feel for those who share my pain, it sucks!

    And to the guy below my OP,
    good luck man, and you're right, it does let me enjoy life more, while still looking forward to the day I will allow myself the pleasure again. :smoking:
  7. thanks bro, I agree with who ever said it makes your anxiety worse after awhile cause you need it to calm the fuck down sometimes, these two weeks are gonna be hell haha

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