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First T-break EVER! need some help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RepentYeNbelievethegospel, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. OK ok ok, i know theres a fuckin billion threads about this, but i felt like making my own.
    So first off i only started smoking back on halloween, and ive been smoking daily for a few months, and now after having some personal issues going on, i decided i should take my 1st t break! how fun.
    Now, i wont start this immediatly, but my plan(to start off) will be to stop for 1 week after going to see Pineapple Express on wednesday, so i can blaze before going.
    A few reasons why i feel i need a break:
    Started to feel lazy, and unproductive, also gaining weight and is messing with my mental state of mind as well as physical attributes,
    And as much as i LOVE weed, i DO feel that this has something to do with how much i smoke, i really dont smoke a lot(low tolerance but is starting to build) but what it used to be, was that i would limit myself and only smoke once a day, and i didnt feel the need to smoke any more than that, but now ive started to smoke multiple times a day, sitting around, being lazy, all that shit, and all of this mostly because im so bored and have nothing better to do.

    Basically, im starting to feel like my life is revolving around weed, and this is NOT what i wanted. Im trying to change a few things in my life right now, just because thats the way i get during the summer time, so its time to take some mofuckin action already!

    So blades, i pretty much know the basics, like taht after the first couple days it wont be so bad, and im not addicted or anything, i just like weed a lot, and i know that having access to it whenever i want is going to be very temting, so i need a couple things, any little details or any big ideas, anything to help me out here.
    Im having a really rough time right now and I'd really appreciate it if you guys could not hate and jus gimme a little advice.

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. 1 month = all you need

    But have you ever considered smoking Sativas as they do the opposite of making you lazy/unproductive??
  3. I dont really have much variety as much as the choice of sativas/indicas go
  4. well dude.. if you think you're gonna have problems stickin out your break.. jus remember to keep drawing motivation from the things that made you decide to take the break in the first place, and obviously these reasons are different for everyone.

    unfortunately one of the biggest motives for takin a break (for me anway) is knowin what that unbeleivable high is like when you end the break, being your first t break i guess you dont have that experience to draw from but beleive me its worth it.. every time you denied yourself weed over the duration of the break its all worth it when you spark that first jay/blunt whatever.

    takin a break every now and again is just the right and healthy way to go man, once youve convinced yourself of that you shouldnt really need any external help with it.
    its apparent that tolerance is some sort of natural innate design feature that is built in to restrict humankind from just smoking out obscene amounts of green all day every day, i think its a good thing really - just when you learn to work with it not against it.

    just my thoughts.
  5. I think more than 2 weeks is a waste.
  6. Pick up a hobby. That can make t-breaks easy if you don't have much self-discipline. Unless the hobby benefits from being high... then it's tough. Most all of mine do, so I haven't taken a break in a LOOONNNNGGG time. hahah
  7. Dude just think of the reasons why you want to stop and think of the benefits while your on a break and then imagine how grilled you would get afterwards!!!!


    The Duck.
  8. a drinking habit...
  9. Work out or something dude..
    Like I have training for football season right now.
    Its great though. I mean It sucks ass having to
    get up at 6:00 every morning. But after Lifting
    and Agility I feel great.. You feel so productive
    the rest of the day since you're already awake.
    Rather than sleeping till 3 every day.
    And in the end you look better and have
    more self confidence.

    There's no reason you cant just do both:smoke:
  10. yeah man you just gotta have self disipline, like keepin in shape was pretty hard but then i aproached smoking like buhda.... simply now when you get high don't eat (this is realy fuccin hard) but after a while you can start munchin out again but you will notice a BIG decrease in appetite (takes about 1-2weeks mabye 3) another aproach, get high before meals... lastly OVIOUS eat healthy i started eating fruit when i was high for some reason its so much better like a hightened sence of taste.
  11. I'm taking a 3 week long break cuz my fucking dealer went on vacation to Egypt and didn't feel like telling me so I could bulk up. And my other old dealer just got arrested like 3 days ago and he gave away all of the bud in his house to his brother who was stupid enough to make a camp fire, throw it all on there and expect to get high even though he didn't even form some sort of shelter around the fire to contain the smoke
  12. i took a t-break a little while back so i could take a drug test for a job. and i basically spent most of that time playing video games and working out a lot lol.

    its up to you. but i suggest finding a sport you like and playing that more often. working out some more. or even playing video games can really get your mind off smoking... hell, even read a book lol.

    or if you have the choice. try and see if anyone nearby has any sativa strains. sativa's are way more of a mental high than a body high and you wont feel the need to sit around and be lazy... more often than not youll actually feel more inclined to go out and do stuff!
  13. I ressurect dis thread!!!!!!!
  14. What kind of fuckery is this? 2008?
  15. someone decided to resurrect it for no reason

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