First System/Game?

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  1. I was just wondering what their first game and/or system was?

    I remember when I was young going over to my friends and playing The Smurfs on his Atari 2600 (until he got Donkey Kong), that was probably my first game. Didn't own a system of my own until I got a Nintendo a few years later, but damn did I play it into the ground, I think I went through 3 of them and still have a working one and the first one I ever got in my games closet.

    So what got you started?
  2. Nothing special. Super Mario/Duck Hunt gamepak that came with my Nintendo when I was like 4 haha. I think my parents have a video of me beating the piss out of one of Bowser's last levels when I was that age.
  3. First system was a NES... first game was probably either Empire Strikes Back or Battle Toads
  4. i got a sega genisis that came with the jungle book game
  5. NES - Super Mario Bros.
  6. Commodore 64, we had 5 games. One game called Lazarus was particularly enjoyable.
  7. NES
    Super Mario Bros/Baseball

    I myself like the baseball game a bit more at the time, I mean I love SMB, but the baseball game was mind boggling to my young mind. I still play that game to this day.
  8. Nintendo Entertainment System with Mario Bros./DuckHunt & Ms. Pacman :D
  9. NES

    legend of zelda, mario and duck hunt.
  10. Mortal kombat for the n,64 fuckin epic game
  11. Well I've been playing games since around the age of 2 or 3... Maybe even a little when I was 1... I mean, I probably wasn't very good, but I still did it.

    At that time I had an NES and I would play SMB and Dr. Mario with my rents.

    But what really got me started on gaming hardcore was SNES and Super Mario World and Killer Instinct. Around when I was 3 or 4.

    And yeah, I still game it up on the old school systems. But I think that's a trend now... One that is ruining these classics... *sigh*

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