First Sunday of Spring Break

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blazin Jamaican, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. K well it's sunday and the girl that got me started smoking weed about 6 years ago is in town, Sly, so she comes to my house with a bottle of some weird ass tequilla. K well we drank about half of it and me and her are just buzzing when my friend down the street comes over and says he wants some shrooms, this guys name is Jay and his girls name is Sarah. Well I've never done shrooms but I got connects for a lot of stuff. So I hit my friend up and say I need an eighth so he comes buy we grab the eighth for 25 and he says he's gonna stop by later. My friend gives me half and I take about 2 golden caps and about 5 stems. Well we chill for a while and my friend I can tell is stupid messed up. So my friend Sly and Sarah wanna get something so it was either E or shrooms and she decides on shrooms so we grab another 8th and this time my friend Adam comes with his friend Christian. So I take another beautiful golden cap and 2 more stems of the shrooms. So we are chilling and Jay and Sarah leave. So we get a fat sack of some dank that was so sticky when I was rolling the blunt the swisher was like ripping cuz it was stuck to my fingers but i'm a blunt cosmetic surgeon so it didnt really matter. Well we smoke that blunt and we start feeling hella good and we see another friend of mine walking down the rail road tracks with his friend so they come and chill and my new neighbor across the street comes over hella drunk off of vodka. So she gets another bottle and lets us all hit it and when I hit liqour i drink like there's no tomorrow. Well I'm guzzling and the guy who just walked up grabs it out of my hand and it spills on my white-t shirt. And we were already gonna throw em once so i told him not to ever do that shit again. Well I end up getting shit faced cuz my neighbor worked her way up 3 more bottles of vodka and about 3:40 in the morning everyone leaves and I go inside trip over my end table knock over my lamp and spill some water on the couch so i was like well shit. So i go inside my room crash out about 4 wake up the next day puking my guts out from the shrooms or something but i don't think it was the liqour though. I go to drug and alcohol counseling and its closed so im like damn. So I slept prolly all next day feeling like shit for the next 2 days. But I wanna try shrooms again though cuz i dont think a 1/2 really hit me I just felt hella good and got a body high and kinda tripped out on this barbecue on my porch...

  2. Damn, how long did it take you to get a degree in that? and what college did you go to?
  3. Wow you must have been fucked
  4. shrooms without booze my friend, or at least let them kick in before you start drinking.. which you probably won't.

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