First successful grow...i got a few questions

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    I want to say thank you for anyone who has taken the time to check out this thread. My plant is in day 21 of flowering. I got some seeds from a bag awhile back and after a few attempts the last seed took. I am not sure what kind of plant the seeds came from. Can anyone help identify the plant...indica or sativa? Looks like indica to me. Is it too early to identify the strain the seed came from? Any comments are welcome. Thanks.

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    Well, you have it camoflauged so well it's hard to tell. :p

    Edit: Ah the picture cometh! :smoking:

    I would agree it's an indica dominant plant, no way to tell strain no matter what period of growth it's in.
  3. haha. forgot the photos. they are up now!
  4. Yah, probably Indica-dominant. The fan leaves are a pretty good indication. Fat/obtuse leaves = Indica, while skinny/finger-like leaves = Sativa. Sure you know that though :p

    Unless you got your seeds from a breeder/company it's damn near impossible to determine strain. A lot of strains have distinctive scents/tastes when smoked, but even then, the possiblities are endless!

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor :) Good lookin' plant!

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