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  1. Hey, I've been researching cultivation and whatnot and am completely overwhelmed by the amount of seeds available, so I wanted to ask an extremely simple question:

    If you could only buy (for yourself) and recommend (to others, specifically beginners) one strain, what would it be?

    The main points of interest for me are potency/best high and relatively low price. They don't need to be the cheapest things ever but I also don't wanna blow $90 on some seeds.

    These have to be growable outside.

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. Feminized Seeds for sure so you reduce the likely hood of getting male plants. Regular seed sold is 50/50. Youll put all that time in for nothing if they turn out to be males.

    As for strain will everyone on here has a different opinion on that. Check out Attitude and there top sellers and give them a whirl. Usually with a order they also throw in some free seeds. On 4/20 they threw in 4 free seeds for my order!.

    ATTITUDE SEEDBANK Cannabis Seeds
  3. Alright, thanks.

    Do outdoor grows have more of a failure rate than indoor due to the lack of control and animals and everything?
  4. Dunno about that in regards to MJ but as a experienced urban gardener I can tell you that I can grow perfect tomatoes inside everytime, outside about half the time. That goes for the other veggies I grow and herbs. Various animals that you can see and never see will eat it, mass bug infestations, flooding, baking sun, etc. I never knew my neighboorhood had rabbits until I started gardening a few years ago. They would come out at night and gnaw everything to hell.

    The grow time outdoors is considerably longer as well. Indoors basically your force everything.
  5. femmed super silver haze seeds. mmmm yumm

    ANY FEMINIZED seeds and you will be great :) try a indica or a 5050 hybrid.

    Evil :smoke:
  6. Thanks guys!

    Alright last question(s):

    I'm down to a couple normal fem seeds OR DNA 60 day wonder.

    At this point in the season (I'd probably order may 13th, get the beans by lateish may) would I even be able to go with a normal photoperiod seed for outside, or is it too late? Would I have to get an autoflowering (ie 60 day wonder)? And is the 60 day wonder effective outside in like 13/11 sun or whatever nature gives it? Or is it not enough sun to be effective?

    Thanks again guys, I really appreciate the community helping out the newbie
  7. I am not the most experienced, but I here alot of good things about iranian short season as for outdoor short grow time, and large yield.
  8. yes outdoor certainly is more tricky atleast in my climate. Besides having to chose strains that flower fast before (and you never know when)frost sets in, I've had problems with aphids, spidermites, mildew, budrot and other annoying animals that ate my seedlings.

    So I moved indoors and I've not encountered anything serious yet.
  9. check out the himalaya blue diesel or Russian rocket fuel but any of the ones on this page should work just fine
    autoflowering cannabis seeds
  10. i haven't grown it, but from what i have researched on this very subject before my first grow the overwhelming answer I have found is Northern Lights. Reasons being it is tolerant to temp swings, tolerant to over fertilization and watering and just an overall vigorous strain. Also a bonus it emits a very low smell when flowering so its great for stealth grows.
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    Blue magoo, it's idiot proof I tossed one I didn't have room for in my back yard and neglected it severely ad it still came out with dank nugs, it's a cross of several main stream strains, unfortunately for the everyday person, I did all the breeding myself for me and partly for my co-op, so it's really exclusive, but i am open to options of sharing the wealth, PM me for more info
  12. purple urkel

    edit: not sure if thats a good beginners strain but fantastic in taste and effect.
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    Super Lemon Haze Fem, I'm growing that at the moment and I must say it has been a pleasure to grow, so easy, looks good and all in all should taste ggrreeaatt

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