First steps to decriminalize Marijuana on Albuquerque and Sante Fe Ballot.

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    As many know, there was a pretty strong push to get a ballot measure on the ballot by way of petition.  The petition fell short of the number of signatures necessary.  Following the failed petition drive, the Albuquerque City Council voted to put a measure on the ballot.
    In response, the Secretary of State filed suit to remove the item from the ballot. The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that the Secretary of State lacked the authority to remove a local ballot item.  As a result of the ruling, the ballot item will be included on the Albuquerque ballots.
    \nThe marijuana item will be in the form of an Advisory Question.  FYI, it is Advisory Question 1 near the end of the ballot on the back.  So if you have an opinion on the matter, stick with the ballot to the end.
    \nThe item will not result in the decriminalization of marijuana.  It is really a more of a public poll.  Here is the actual item:
    \nAdvisory Question 1
    Are you in favor of the Bernalillo County Commission Supporting County, City and Statewide efforts to decriminalize possession of one ounce or less of marijuana?
    \nAlthough the item will not result in the legalization of marijuana, it is important that lawmakers hear from the public one way or the other.  If Albuquerque follows national trends, the poll should come down on the side of decriminalization.  Perhaps, the item will have no immediate bearing on the legality of marijuana in Albuquerque, but it should send a message to the powers overseeing this regarding the wishes of the public.  So it may not have immediate consequences, but it may very well set the stage for decriminalization in Albuquerque in the future.  Both Albuquerque and Santa Fe have marijuana ballot items.  As goes Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it seems fairly likely that the much of the rest of New Mexico will follow suit.
    \nHere is a link to the early voting locations for Bernalillio County
    Early voting is over Nov 1st at 8 PM, otherwise you can vote on Tuesday.


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