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First stash post wooo.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dalton!, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Didn't have a camera ever befor, now i have a palm pre.. turns out the camera in it isn't that great, but here are my non macro bud shots of some stuff i just picked up in the atx


    you can kinda see the redish/pinkish colors, it smells like fruity pebbles, tastes light and fruity and gives a nice mostly head high

    and thats a mini bic in the background lol
  2. haha well its a picture, but it is incredibley blurry as im sure you've noticed.

    I can tell theres a bud there, but really thats it. Looks like a nice dense bud.

    Thanks for trying & better luck next time!

    Dont take this the wrong way, its just the pic quality leaves me no other choice.
  3. the lighter is more in focus than the nug haha. post a new pic, i wanna see this bud :smoking:
  4. Exactly what i was thinking. definatly looks like some MURDER
  5. is that a nug?

    haha jk, looks pretty good. i love the fruity stuff.

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