First song you learned to play

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  1. For me it was this song on an acoustic gitar -

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  2. The first songs I learned were 90's Green Day in 5th-7th grade.

    First song with a solo was Judge's Daughter by GD as well.

    HoTRS is a classic. Can't go wrong with that.
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  3. The first song I learned to play is lost to memory now since I've been playing guitar off and on since I was 14 or 15 and my interest and guitars have come and gone over the years.

    However, now that I'm playing guitar again and need to relearn some songs first before I start trying to write songs I have been learning some songs that grabbed my interest. The first two songs I learned to play since getting my new musical gear are Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam by The Vasolines and Devil's Haircut by Beck.
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  4. The first song I learned on bass was zombie by the cranberries I think.
    On guitar it's sunshine of your love by cream
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  5. Rocky Mountain Way was the first song I ever played with others.
    Paranoid was probably the 1st song I ever picked apart off an album.

    Bass player here. Guitar didn’t come until years later.
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  6. I can't play, but have a guitar and years ago learned Adams song (blink 182).
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  7. Play that funky music (white boy). Rocksmith.
    Afroman -colt 45.
    Kryptonite- 3 doors down.
    Learned em all in the same day on guitar.
  8. First song on acoustic guitar wonderwall -oasis
  9. First song I learned to play was come as you are by Nirvana
  10. Played - by the light of the silvery moon- picked the melody out, cousin showed me a simple um pa left hand- took an hour- but that was my first piece- I was 5 yrs old- still playin- now it’s smokin jazz

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  11. first song i learned to play was smoke on the water, and summer loving from the movie grease.
  12. I learned how to play A horse with no name on guitar
  13. Good riddance (time of your life)
    By greenday. 20 years later and its still on of my favourite songs to play :)

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  14. Gloria, a long time ago lol.
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  15. Uneasy hearts weigh the most by Dance Gavin Dance. If you don't like screams look up the instrumental. Beautiful post hardcore song.
    This was my mom's friends wedding song. First wedding I ever went to at like 6y.o.

    One of my favorites.

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