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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by 450herbalism, May 14, 2011.

  1. Girlfriend tells me I'm the first guy she's had sex with sober. I feel really weird after hearing this. Kinda bothers me. Am I overreacting to this?​

  2. Look at it this way... you're probably the first guy she didn't need beer goggles to tolerate hahah
  3. Im not trying to offend you, and i easily could be wrong. But did she used to be a bar slut or something?
  4. You guys are overreacting. How old is she, 18? I know a lot of great girls who didn't bone sober until they were 19. It's all to do with whether they have a good longer term boyfriend or if they don't.

    We all need and love sex, why should only the lucky few with long term partners be allowed to have it?

    Btw, serious compliment for you brother. She digs you more than anyother guy she had been with.
  5. Picture her getting fucked by 2 guys at once drunk, tell me if that doesnt bother you
  6. Because that's what always happens.
  7. how is that bad man ?
    you were the 1º one who had enough good looks to fuck while sober :>
  8. hahahahahahahaha
  9. i would be freaked too, but, gotta take what life throws at you. if youre worried she still is rarely sober, like it really bothers you, talk to her honestly. but if not make her sex drunk! dude great sex can get me loopy feeling if he does the right stuff. ha not high but just very disoriented from such wondrous fucking.
  10. Someone has to be the first sober sex. :)

    As you get older you'll realize that the people your SO had sex with in the past don't mean shit (assuming they didn't catch anything lol).

    Everyone has a sex history, and worrying about it too much will just screw you up.
  11. I wish I could have taken Sex History 331 instead of The History of History 353

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