First signs of Flowering

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Is my plant flowering?

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  2. Flowering

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  1. I am about 4 weeks out doors in Southern California. It is first week of August My plant is about 2 feet high and am not sure if it is going into flowering or if this is just vegging? First time grower just need help thanks!!!

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  2. For sure flower, still going to grow a little bit, mostly flower stretch. If your feeding this is the time to start introducing P/K. Cheers man!

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  3. Thanks brotha!!!!
  4. Congrats man. Looking good. She's going to be plump soon.
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  5. Yup. About 2 weeks into flowering. She is gonna pop good I believe. Great job!
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  6. Oh its flowering alright lol. Keep us updated
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  7. Yup my Chocolate hashberry started showing signs the last week of July, full on flower now. The kushes are now were the hashberry was 10 days ago, blue dream and sour D are showing HEAVY stretch.
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