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first shrooms soon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dr_krapp, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. yeah! i\'m finally getting my hands on some shrroms this saturday. im well chuffed :D

    i want it to be then now lol, also im getting my first real home grown for the first time in dunno how long, last green i had was commercial compressed shit ergh, and then only hash.
    so sounds like a good weekend to me :)
  2. Sounds like a fun time. Shrooms are great, but are kinda tricky to grow. Have you ever tried Haiwiian Baby Rosewood seeds? I like those as much as shrooms, I think.
  3. Excellent.

    Have a good time :)
  4. shrooms are actually pretty easy to grow

    enjoy, don\'t take an 1/8 your first time unless you think you are tottaly ready... and if you are, only take half 1/8... trust me!
  5. and please be in the right mind frame, no breaking up with girlfriends, no fallin out with the parents and most important, no robbing banks! have a complete clear head, be at peace with yourself and tell yourself when shit starts hitting the fan, you shoulda took the blue pill, but youre glad you took the red one :)
  6. Shrooms are pretty fun. Like others said make sure you have a clear mind when you take them or your trip won\'t be too fun. Also make sure you are in an area that you are confortable with as well as people you trust and like. Make sure you leave all your major belongings behind (cell phone, wallet) because my last trip ended dwith me losing a cell phone at the beach.
  7. just did shrooms this friday. i ate about half an 1/8, smoked about a gram, and sat back and let it all happen. all our friends were at another friends house playing video games. not very many people knew i was on shrooms, but a lot knew i was really high. so they all got together and decided they were gunna do what they called \'the bubble\' to me. they convinced me that i was inside a bubble for the longest time. everything actually sounded like i was in a bubble. i could even feel the air pressure change as they put the bubble on me and took the bubble off. pretty crazy. a lot of fun.
  8. no way dr_krapp, this is saturday night is also gonna be my first time trying them. my friend who has already tried them once just bought a quad of them and so i guess i\'m gonna be eating a whole 8th for my first time...i know i\'m gonna be really freaked out and shit but i\'m ready for it.
  9. I ate a whole 1/8th my first time and it was pretty intense but by no means scary or anything. If you think your ready for an 1/8th go for it, and if they are potent get ready to be blown away. I would reccomend either grinding them in your teeth well before swallowing or grinding them up before eating, this always helps my stomach. Also if you start to feel nauseous smoking bud helps 100000%. Have a fun trip.
  10. grapefruit juice also helps the stomach. helps a lot with peyote, too. i would kill for some shrooms, but i don\'t have any connections. ah well, enjoy it for me :)
  11. Whenever i done them(twice) i ate about 6 or 7 grams but next time i plan to eat about 15 grams( the whole bag where we get them)...shrooms can be easily bought in head shops round my area, however the last time i got them off the internet.

    Brilliant stuff too :)
  12. You ate 15 grams? I ate 2.5 grams of some potent shrooms a little bit ago and tripped balls. Had very intense open and closed eyes visuals, very realistic, a great body buzz and everything. I cant imagine what 15 grams would do for you. Is that an overdose on psilocybin or whatever?
  13. i wanna try them sooo bad... never have... and dont think im going to any time soon... women keep screwin me over... parents are out to get me...(really are) bunch of people, friends and good friends all of a sudden just stop talking to me... i just couldent do it... not now... id freak out n do something dumb... sometime soon.. or not for a while... but one day!
  14. i know a guy who ate 7 grams of fresh shrooms and he saw and had a conversation with his dead parents. and you want to do 15? i take things to the limit and i would not do that, it would be so unpleasant. i did 2.5 grams of the shrooms below that i grew, and i lost my mind for a good 2 hrs.
  15. I lost my mind for about 6 hours on the 2.5 grams i ate and had effects for 8 it was pretty good shrooms.
  16. first time i ate about 5 grams... felt real nice at first... smoked a fat blunt, then smoked another blunt mixed with shroom shake... oh man... haha i had the worst trip EVER! If any of u had this trip, you\'d never do shrooms again.. probably why i wont ever dfo em again. Unless everything is perfect, this is KEY

  17. haha dont worry, i made sure i know whats going on with my life before i made the im gonna try them decision

  18. yeah im getting mine from the local head shop.
  19. How easy are shrooms to grow?

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